Teaching Your Kids How Not to Lose Their Belongings


People tend to lose their things on a regular basis. Even the most conscious of us sometimes forget items from time to time, and we may need a few reminders not to commit the same mistakes. The same could be said about kids and how they forget some of their belongings at home and most definitely at school. You may be doing everything you can as a parent, such as providing them with the best bags and other objects money can buy, but teaching them the value of something as small as a pencil would be a monumental task. Also, you may think that it’s a small matter, but once the incidents pile up, they may prove to be a problem money-wise. Hence, why not minimize and avoid the damage altogether and help your kids learn to avoid losing their belongings?

Making Use of Catchy Labels

Labeling items has been around for a while, but not all of those labels can grab attention and truly say who it belongs to if they’re not read through a microscope. Putting your name on your things is a personal matter, so why not take a more creative approach? Instead of simply writing letters in black, you and your child can go colorful and kid-friendly with materials such as copper foil, sticker paper, and markers. It won’t just look good; it will also grab the attention of whoever may find it. Plus, it’s a unique twist that will undeniably identify it in case there are mistaken claims. Making the labels is a fun activity for both kids and parents, where you learn and enjoy yourselves in the process.

Start at Home

What they do outside is a reflection of how they behave at home. Teaching them valuable lessons inside the house helps them deal with the outside world while making the most out of their experiences. You can start from their basic and immediate needs that can be found at home such as clothes and other household objects. Make them realize the importance of even the littlest objects such as an eraser or a piece of paper. Of course, telling them wouldn’t be enough. As their parents, you’re their first-ever role model. Lead through examples and show them how it should be done. If they make a mistake, explain why you have to reprimand them and that it’s for their own good.

Give Them a Break

parents with their child

With everything going on at school and even at home, it’s easy to have your kids’ minds clouded by a lot of worries and responsibilities. This can lead to them forgetting things. In that situation, they need that well-earned break time once in a while. Let them relax a bit. Let them watch some TV or play some video games. Better yet, prepare their favorite dish and let them eat their hearts out. Just because they have fewer problems than we do doesn’t mean that they’re immune to pressure. Ease out and let them clear their minds once in a while.

Parents are the guiding light of their children, and it’s vital that they teach the lesson of appreciating the things we are given. Not everybody has the privilege to even own a pen, let alone go to school. Help them do it until they finally do it as a habit. When they grow up to be responsible adults, they have you to be thankful of.

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