Simple Ways to Help New Mothers

Mother and child after labor

“The baby is crying. Where’s the milk bottle? Oh God, my head is bursting.” These are common things a new mom would say either out loud or to herself. Giving birth is one thing, but having another little human to look after is another.

If you have a family member or a friend who’s recently had her first child, chances are she needs a lot of help. And you, as a good and loyal friend, can help make things more comfortable with these little surprises:

Give her a hand with laundry (or any chores)

If your friend doesn’t have a helper at home, she’s loaded with household chores on top of caring for her baby. Offer a day when you will come over and help out with tasks. You can do the laundry, clean the house, cook her a meal, empty the dishwasher, or even watch the baby for a couple of hours while your friend takes a breather.

After doing all that, stay for a while and share stories with her. Ask her how she’s doing over a cup of her favorite coffee. Make her feel pampered and listened to. Make her feel as if she’s doing such an outstanding job, and she’s smashing it.

If you’re busy, have food delivered to her doorstep

Woman paying the pizza delivery guyNew moms are struggling with the fact that they don’t have control over their time anymore. Cooking meals, a task that used to be so simple, is now tiresome. If you’re too busy to come to her house and cook her a meal yourself, have it delivered instead.

There are many meal delivery services around Utah, and you’ll surely find something that offers the kind of food she likes. Be sure to notify her when you’re planning to do so. That way, she can prepare and actually be there to get the meal.

Hire a baby photographer

All new moms think their babies are made of gold, little angels sent by God to warm her world. Help her treasure the precious moments by hiring a baby photographer in Utah. Not only will it give her cute, adorable photos of her newborn baby to treasure for years to come, but it can also be a welcome change in her everyday routine.

When hiring a baby photographer, make sure to ask for a portfolio of previous works. You should also look for reviews from past clients.

Get her out of the house

It can be a short walk around the neighborhood. Or a quick manicure or haircut at the local salon. Whatever it is, try and get her out of the house to give her a chance to breathe and recollect herself. Of course, be a good friend and watch over her baby while she gets to enjoy herself.

There are many ways to help a new mom and make her feel good about herself. Motherhood has its all sorts of crazies, and it can be overwhelming. As a friend, take this chance to step up and do something to let her know that you’ve got her back.

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