The Perfect Wedding Band for Every Type of Couple

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Wedding bands are the everlasting symbol of your love and are meant to stay on your finger and that of your spouse for a lifetime. Getting the perfect wedding band is hence essential.

Most couples, unfortunately, take considerable time picking the perfect engagement ring but make a hurried choice for their wedding band. Jewelers nowadays take as much time perfecting the wedding band as they do with the engagement ring.

As such, there are several wedding band options now available. The most popular choices nowadays are yellow gold wedding rings for her and him for couples. There are different style options for matching wedding bands to suit different couple lifestyles.

Here are some design ideas for couples on the search for a perfect wedding band set.

The Professional Couple

This is the couple that wears suits and probably works in the corporate sector. The professional couple needs matching bands to exude a romantic sense to combine with their professionalism.

The ideal choice for matching wedding bands is one in a simple style. Plain gold wedding bands will suffice, but you can include matching patterns or textures to add a sense of style to your wedding band set with a small diamond piece.

The Artsy Couple

This is the couple in professions which call for creativity. The ideal choice for artsy couples is a wedding band which defies traditional norms. You can opt to mix different metals and colored gemstones for your matching bands if you are this couple.

Gold mixed with platinum is one of the most popular choices nowadays. For the gems, purple sapphires or diamonds will suffice for the wife’s ring while black sapphires work for the man’s ring.

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The High School Sweethearts

These are couples who have been together for a long time and whose love has grown over time. The ideal choice for high school sweethearts is a set of timeless matching wedding bands.

Wedding bands in white or yellow gold with split heart diamonds are exactly what this couple is looking for. The sheer durability of the diamond will signify the longevity of your love while the split hearts will remind you of each other throughout.

The Hipster Couple

This is the kind of couple that wears matching shirts, and they need a laid-back and edgy ring style for their wedding band. They are not looking for anything over the top and would rather emphasize what their rings represent.

The ideal choice for the hipster couple is a simple yellow, pink or white gold band with each other’s fingerprints on them. These are clean and almost basic wedding bands with a twist in their design.

Irrespective of the type of couple you are, there is a style to suffice for your wedding band set. As such, you should settle for nothing less than the best for your wedding rings. The best choice for you is to work with a reputable and experienced jeweler.

After picking the ideal style for you and your spouse, there are different coating options to guarantee that the underlying metal for your band remains unharmed by different elements. Palladium coating is one of the most common choices for gold wedding bands.

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