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Cottonable is your online hub for all things lifestyle. We are a lifestyle blog for a diverse population of readers. You’ll find everything in our pages; from wedding planning tips to a detailed discussion of the Kardashians, we’ve got your reading material covered.

Life. Style. Culture. Trends

Here at Cottonable, we have four favorite umbrella topics: life, style, culture and trends. It’s such a broad topic, you won’t run out of things to discuss (which is what we love). Our goal is to be your space of comfort — the best place to read about topics that are part of your daily grind.
Are you into home workouts? We’ve got a handful of articles on this year’s popular yet easy-to-do routines. Are you looking for love but are “just too darn busy?” You’ll find dating advice for workaholics on our site.

Incredible Writers on Board

You’ll find tutorials, opinion pieces, and features on today’s trends — all of them written by our talented pool of writers. The team is as diverse as the content: stay-at-home moms, professional millennials, curious Gen Z-ers, just to name a few. You’ll read life as it is from different points-of-view, which is better than sticking to one boring line of thought.

We hope you find content that will inspire you to be creative, encourage you to be a better version of yourself, or pique your interests!

Sasha Paul

Sasha Paul is the proud owner of a vintage clothing boutique in sunny California. Describing herself as “33 and very much out there,” Sasha is a big fan of living life by mixing and matching fashion items, talking about the biggest Netflix shows and organizing parties for friends.

Bryon Ozawa

Byron is a fitness trainer who doubles as a hardworking father to his children, Penny and Rowan. Healthy living isn’t just a lifestyle for him; it’s a religion. He wants to look and feel good at the same time.

Riley Lena

NYC fashion intern Riley Lena is 24-years old and determined to “live life to the fullest of the full.” Apart from being a fashion intern, Riley also volunteers at her local dog shelter to keep the puppers company.

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