The Best Wines to Bring to Your Summer Picnic

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Yes, we know, we’re still in the middle of a health pandemic and going out poses risks. But that doesn’t mean you cannot gather three or five friends in the park and enjoy the sunny weather. Picnics are allowed in some places, so long as social distancing and other precautions are properly observed.

Details that should be part of your planning include:

  • Make sure the location or park has a big enough space to allow for social distancing.
  • Bring mats for each member of the party, or ask them to bring their own, no sharing of mats.
  • Bring extra masks, hand sanitizer, gloves, hand soap, and plenty of water.
  • Pack the food individually so you will simply distribute them to your friends.
  • Finger food is better, so you don’t have to bring utensils, especially disposable ones that are bad for the environment.
  • If you are bringing wine, provide glasses for everyone, again they can bring their own.

Speaking of wine, you may be wondering what is the best to have during this warm season. You have many choices, fortunately. But, of course, it should go well with your food.

For fish, vegetables, and salads, choose a lighter variety. Hearty food like burgers, sausages, or steaks calls for robust selection like delicate reds. Meanwhile, crackers, light sandwiches and cheese would be perfect for sparkling wines or light whites.

Top Wines for Summer

bottle of red wine

Going outside for a picnic would be something you want to do once you get used to the protocols. And why not? Why miss the chance to bask in good weather and the company of your friends? Besides, as it is not safe to have a big party, you can plan for several picnics for different sets of people.

The next thing to do is stock up on your wine selection. Here is a short list of wines that are perfect for indulging in during summer.

Sparkling wine – versatile and low in alcohol content, sparkling wine is ideal for sipping during a day out. Choose bottles from France, Italy or Australia. Or finally pop up that lovely champagne gift you got from Christmas. Best served chilled.

Rosé – an affordable and refreshing choice. Pick a herb-scented and strawberry-colored rosé from regions like Anjou and Provence in France. You might need to bring two bottles of this variety because your friends will surely love it. Again, best served chilled.

Pinot Noir – always a safe choice and best paired with hearty meals, like burgers, steaks, and salmon. This red variety is a good pairing for barbecued dishes. It is light, delicate and refreshing.

Sauvignon Blanc – light, fruity, and refreshing. It goes well with cheese, green salad, pesto pasta and white meat like fish and chicken breast.

Riesling – one of the most aromatic wines you can have, you can choose either the sweet or dry kind. Riesling is great to pair with Asian food that uses herbs and spices. It is also the wine to bring if you are having tacos or fajita with roasted pork or duck.

Other than finally getting together with your friends, having a picnic is also an excuse to wine and dine. As we all wait for things to go back to normal, we can only do our best to enjoy life while protecting ourselves from the looming risks out there.

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