5 Gifts You Can Give to Family and Friends During a Pandemic

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COVID-19 has affected lives in many ways. In cities like Phoenix, Arizona, hundreds of cases confirmed. Social distancing has become necessary to prevent the spread of the virus but has also made human connection more challenging. It’s no surprise that many of your friends, especially essential workers, need support to gain strength. From fresh, new clothes to a thoughtful token from local gift shops, here are things you can give to people under a lot of stress during the pandemic.

1. New Clothes

A fresh set of clothes is an ideal gift for friends who are in the frontlines during this pandemic. Many nurses and doctors barely have time to do laundry. Reward the persevering essential workers by alleviating the burden of washing their clothes. You can also offer gift certificates so that they can acquire new ones themselves in different outlets.

2. Food Delivery

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Stressed out friends may feel debilitated due to anxiety or depression. Essential workers work shifting hours and may not have time to eat. For both circumstances, offering food via delivery is a great way to show them that you care. Cooking for them is always special since it comes from the heart, but you can also provide food delivery certificates or promos if they want to order themselves.

3. Exercise Equipment

Because of the new social restrictions, going to the gym isn’t an option anytime soon. Yoga mats, resistance bands, dumbbells, and other pieces of exercise equipment would be a great gift. This allows your friends to start working out and prevent themselves from succumbing to an idle lifestyle and a bad diet. After all, being on lockdown doesn’t mean you have to lose gains.

4. Token of Appreciation

There are many things to prioritize during this pandemic, but a token of appreciation would also be nice. If you’re not with your partner, flowers and a letter can be a sweet gesture to show that you’re still thinking about them. You can purchase something from gift shops or make one to make it extra special. What matters is that you show that you’re still there for them during these trying times.

5. Streaming Subscription

After a long stressful day, essential workers may want to unwind. If you know someone who’s anxious, perhaps you can offer something to get their mind off of things. Netflix, Disney+, or any other streaming service is a good way to relax and get away from the noise, even just for a while. If you can share your subscription (or even offer to pay for theirs), why not? Watching one episode of their favorite show can ease their mind.

Support Your Friends and Family by Being There

It’s tough not to be able to visit loved ones these days. But because of the present circumstances, the best thing to do is to stay at home. Remember that you don’t have to isolate yourself from friends and family completely. Make sure that you keep in touch via Zoom, Facebook, or other platforms. Being there doesn’t always have to be physically present. You just have to reach out and let them know you’re still around for them.

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