Pandemic Summer Travel: Things to Think About Before Going on a Trip

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Traveling in the middle of a pandemic comes with risks. But many still go nonetheless. Besides, in 2020, many people with travel plans had to face the harsh reality of canceling and postponing their trips. The majority of the airlines around the globe had a 100% flight suspension rate at the beginning of the pandemic.

So this year, they want to resume their plans. After all, the situation isn’t exactly the same as the first summer of the COVID-19 pandemic. For example, many individuals have been fully vaccinated. Also, certain guidelines have been rolled out by authorities, so establishments know how to protect their employees and customers.

Summer is one of the seasons when people usually travel. Many want to escape the heat and travel to somewhere cooler. Others want to go to the beach or go exploring under the sun.

If you are planning to go on a summer trip during the pandemic, you need to consider several factors beforehand. Below is a list of questions you should ask yourself while you plan for your trip:

Where Will You Go?

As usual, before anything, you need to identify your destination. In the middle of a pandemic, leisure travel overseas isn’t allowed. And it’s best to avoid it as well given the risks. Instead, you can go somewhere close and not crowded.

For example, going to the beach is okay if it’s not crowded. The beach is an outdoor space, which greatly reduces the risk of COVID-19 infection, as compared to indoor pools. Another good outdoor travel destination is a camping site. It’s an opportunity to commune with nature and relieve stress.

Staying at a hotel is also a good idea. But make sure that you call for a reservation beforehand. Also, ask what safety measures implemented in your chosen hotel. You might also consider a private inn or an Airbnb accommodation where only you and your companions will be able to stay. This private setting will limit your interactions with other people.

How Many People?

If you’re traveling with a group, try to keep the headcount as low as possible. It’s even better if everyone lives in the same house as it further reduces the risk of COVID-19 transmission and infection.

Once you’ve determined who will go, monitor each other’s health before the trip. If someone develops COVID-19 symptoms, make sure that they get checked as soon as possible. It might also be a good idea for everyone to take COVID-19 tests before going. Traveling with a positive case, whether symptomatic or asymptomatic, can put many lives in danger.

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How Do You Get There?

You also need to consider your mode of transportation. Do you need to travel by car? If so, will you bring your own or rent instead? Using your own car will assure you that it’s cleaned well. Although, renting a car for a vacation may be more ideal to keep your own vehicle’s miles at bay. You can also rent a larger one so that everyone will fit in a single vehicle. Driving around in one car can reduce your expenses. And if there are many drivers in the group, you can change spots during a long drive.

If you choose a local destination but still need to travel by plane, check the rules and regulations of your chosen airline. Most of them have implemented stricter measures due to COVID-19. For example, everyone should be wearing a mask at all times, even inside the plane.

What Should You Bring?

Days before your trip, make a checklist of things you need to bring. This list will include the usual items you bring on trips, such as clothes and toiletries. If you’re going with your friends, you might have small photoshoots during the trip to remember it by. You can do some online shopping and check a collection of Marc Jacobs’ bags and wallets for women, some nice clothes, and a new pair of shoes for the perfect OOTD photo.

Also, make sure that you prioritize basic personal protection supplies. You need to carry masks, and you will need a lot of them. You also need face shields and hand sanitizer. If you’re bringing cloth masks, pack some laundry detergent with you so that you can immediately wash the masks after use.

People are getting worn out with staying at home all the time. And that’s why they’re more enticed to travel. They’re free to do so, as long as they make certain considerations to ensure their safety and lower risks.

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