Summer 2019 Outfits for Women and Children

Summer 2019 Outfits for Women and Children

In the winter, we’re dressed for warmth. But with spring less than three weeks away and summer following shortly after, it’s necessary to shed off those thick coats and bubble jackets with something breezy and light to keep us comfortable during the hot season. And depending where you live, dressing for the summer may be necessary for the extreme temperatures your area experiences.

But, that doesn’t mean you can’t do it with a bit of style. With trends that come and go, it may be necessary to update your wardrobe and outfit style to fit these growing trends in women and children’s summer in 2019.


Arguably, I think that when it comes to fashion, women have it harder than men. With so much societal expectations to look our best all the time, staying in style and looking good has been a priority for plenty of women.

I’m a firm believer of function over fashion, and I think if I’m at home, there’s nothing wrong with putting on a light shirt and shorts when lounging around the home. But when you’re stepping out, you really need to look your best to make a good impression. And I’ve found that these simple but beautiful looks can make looking fashionable in the summer much easier.

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Did you know that Sophie Turner is a natural blonde? The Game of Thrones actress is a real blonde but dyes her hair reddish brown to match her character’s description. She’s been doing it since she was 13 or 14, and has liked how it complimented her hair.

The trend isn’t brown hair, however. It’s getting natural-looking color. Sophie Turner has dyed her hair for so long that plenty of fans are surprised to learn that this isn’t even her real hair color. While Sophie has times where her true roots show, she tends to touch up her hair color very often that you rarely ever see the blonde. And natural-looking, undyed hair – even if it technically is dyed – is an elegant style set to come back in 2019.

Short to mid-length edgy hair
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Short to mid-length edgy hair seems to be in trend. Dua Lipa made waves when she joined a long list of A-list celebs sporting a simple but clean bob. But that hair grows out and, so far, this singer has learned to make it work. It’s an edgy but low-maintenance look, one that plenty of women of all face shapes and lifestyles can pull off.

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Say goodbye to minimalism and achromatic trends as 2019 is the year of color. Tie-dye has been seen in plenty of late-2018 and 2019 fashion shows and catalogues. Because of its many bright colors, you can wear it with some simple denim and flats.

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Staying with color, neon has also been trending. It’s also a very cool color to wear while under the sun. It’s not the color for people who want to blend into a crowd, as you’re sure to catch some eyes when wearing any outfit with neon.

However, be very careful when wearing this. Neon – just like this year’s Pantone Color of the Year – is quite difficult to pull off and blend with other pieces. Get it right, and you’ll stay cool and fashionable throughout the day. Get it wrong, and you may look like a Stabilo highlighter.

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 When summer arrives, it’s the battle of the swimsuits in every beach or pool party to see who has the most unique swimwear. We left behind those generic-looking red swimsuits in 2017 and, this 2019, expect either elegant patterns or dark-colored one- or two-piece swimsuits to go back in style.

I know we were just talking about neon, but I’ve never been a fan of those neon-colored swimsuits with lines on it because those lines seemed unnecessary and made the wearer look bulkier than they are. Get a swimsuit style that you feel confident walking around in, though, and don’t choose a style just because it looks good on a model.

plus-sized and curvy girls
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With body positivity on the rise, I’d also like to address the growing market for plus-sized and curvy girls out there. As a plus-sized woman myself, in the past, curvier girls were stuck with whatever they could find in maternity wards or wear something designated for much older women. Now, however, we’re lucky that plenty of brands are now becoming more inclusive and creating options not only with our size, but in styles that actually flatter our bodies.

Take, for instance, this beautiful wrap-around one-piece swimsuit I found on Eloquii. It flatters the model’s figure and provides the support and shape we need. It’s also available from sizes 12 to 28, so plus-sized women will have no problem looking fashionable on their beach trip.

Womens' Shoes
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While Gucci and Yeezys, and Nikes are still in style, we want to focus on everyday summer looks. If you want to go outdoors and are wearing a simple shirt and bottoms, flats and heels with bright and brilliant design can easily make you look more stylish. Research shows that your shoes make one of the first impressions, so if you’re going to go out with a simple attire, make sure you make an impression.



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While some of the more modern styles look good on adults, I’ve never been a fan of taking edgy experimental haircuts and putting it on children. Some children may want to try out cool haircuts they see on TV or online and their parents would allow it, but I’ve always been impartial to haircuts that just let children be children.

Take a look at Princess Charlotte’s hair, for example. Pretty simple, but her hairstyle suits her well. If you look at her photographs, you can see the many ways her hair is styled, providing a lot of options for styling and looks for any event.

kids' hair
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In fact, take a look at the children of the Kardashian siblings. Despite their wealthy lifestyle and fashion choices, Kim and Kourtney opt to let their children grow their hair naturally, steering away from grown-up haircuts. They won’t be kids forever, so might as well let their hair be. They’ll have plenty of time for side-cuts, intricate shaves, and dyed hair when they get older.


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Children are generally more active than adults, so while they’re playing in the summer, you’ll want them to be wearing loose or breathable clothing that helps them move around easily. This Marks & Spencer dress is a good option for young girls. It’s made of a breathable cotton blend and provides just enough room for her to move when she’s running or playing outdoors.

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The same applies to young boys. Keep their clothes breathable. I find that there aren’t a lot of fashion trends for children, so now is the perfect time to let them make decisions on what they want to wear – with some guidance from you, of course. That way, they understand what kind of style they like wearing.

kids' swimwear
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Sticking with color, pick a durable swimming attire with color or designs your children like. While there’s no dress code in beaches, some swimming pools require swimmers to be in proper swimwear, so an old shirt and shorts may something not cut it.

My recommendation: pick a good brand such as Speedo instead of cheap non-branded designs that wear out easily. That way, they can re-use their swimsuit for the next summer. If you’re planning to do this, though, choose a good design that won’t look outdated.


kids' shoes
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When they’re out playing on a hot day, your kids should be wearing shoes that are sturdy and comfortable. These Vans are marketed to boys, but girls have similar sneakers marketed to them. I prefer black, white, or any neutral color because I find it’s easier for their shoes to match with their outfit.

When it comes to style, fashion can still be functional. And in the summer, when the weather is hot and you may be prone to sweating, you’ll want outfits that not only make the heat bearable, but allow you to go out in style.

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