Four Fresh and Unique Ways to Use Your Doilies at Home

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Do you have a bunch of ornamental doilies sitting around your home? Are you looking for ways you can make use of them again? You are just in the right place. With their unique and amazing designs, you will find a multitude of other purposes and functions for these crafty items. Here is a list to give you a few ideas.

Incorporate Them Into Your Wardrobe

Get ready to pop some patterns on your plain everyday outfits by adding these colored doilies. You can use doilies to put some cute accent on your shirt’s collar, for instance. All you have to do is to layout the design you want and attach them to the area you want them to be. Aside from shirts, you can also take your pants, shorts and dresses and then use the doilies as an additional ornament. You can sew them in on the hem to add extra glamour to your everyday look.

Make Artsy Lighting Fixtures

Liven up your lights at home by decorating them with paper doilies. Adding these pieces will instantly transform the mood and ambiance in any room in your house. More than just decorating with it, you can also opt to create a new lamp or fixture altogether made out of just doilies. All you need is a mold, glue and lighting fixtures. Glue the materials together, attach the molded doilies into the fixture, hang it in, and you are done.

In addition to your lamps and lights, candle holders can also be decorated with doilies. You can directly wrap the doilies around the glass containers holding the candles or make a holder out of the materials.

Level Up Your Wrapping Game

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Put a personal touch to your gifts by wrapping them with paper doilies. Using these pieces will certainly level up your gift-wrapping game. It will look elegant and more personalized, which anyone will truly appreciate. Even if you only have a brown paper wrapper, these doilies will add some elegance and glamour to your gifts. They will make the receiver feel that you put a lot of effort into preparing the gift for them.

Lace Up Your Invitations or Letters

Add more character to your letters or invitations by incorporating doilies in them. If you have an event coming up and are struggling to find a good design for your invitations, a printed out letter secured in a paper doily envelope will definitely do the trick. Besides, the embellishments in doilies call for more areas of personalization, so you will not lack for ideas. It often has an eye-catching effect that people will not be able to ignore. So these pieces are definitely great options.

There are infinite uses you can do with doilies. If you happen to have a bunch of them at home, do not throw them away just yet. Instead, refer to this list for ways to find other purposes for them. Majority of the things you will find here does not require that much work, so feel free to follow them.

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