Day and Night Beauty Regimens New Moms Should Never Neglect

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Motherhood brings different sorts of changes and challenges all at once, and mothers must adjust to this new reality fast. While some can do it without a problem, many first-time moms who experience such challenges during this critical life stage often resort to neglecting self-care, which could be one direct ticket to low self-esteem or even depression.

Of course, having a baby means a majority of your time will go to taking care of their needs, but that does not mean that you have to ignore what your body needs. Even the simplest health and skincare routines could go a long way than doing none at all. In fact, it is easier and better to maintain your health and looks than finding a way back to your youthful glow when you have already reached a point where you look like a mess.

The Solution to Your Beauty Woes

Being a mother sure is challenging, but you should not make sacrifices that will not pay in the end. To avoid feeling down, you might want to revise your beauty regimen to adapt to the challenges of having almost no time for yourself. Here are the most basic day and night regimens you can follow to make you always look your best:

  • Day Routine

If you have not slept a wink the previous night, it is easy to just face the new day with the face you had on last night. If you have five minutes, you can do so much to keep your skin looking fresh and radiant. Apply skin moisturizer for the face to avoid that dull dry flaky look, especially when the weather is dry.

If you are stepping out for the day for errands, opt for a multitasking product that includes a light tint and sunblock properties, so you can moisturize, protect, and even out your skin tone in one go. For a more put-together look, pay special attention to your brows and opt for brow gel or mascara that can be applied using one free hand.

  • Night Routine

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At night, even when you are close to collapsing in bed, spare another five minutes to prepare your skin to ensure that you will be looking your best the next day. Even if you cannot be bothered to take a shower or wash your face, never leave that layer of makeup and dirt on your face before heading to bed.

Use another multitasking lifesaver in the form of wipes that works as a makeup remover, cleanser, and toner all-in-one. After this, apply an oil-based face serum to keep your skin supple for the night and skip the need for another layer of night cream. This ensures that you face the next day with the smallest pores and the least visible lines in your face.

Looking at your old skin care routine with new eyes and streamlining it to adapt to your new time restrictions is the key to keeping yourself looking your best. Try these basic yet powerful day and night routines to maintain your looks.

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