How to Cut Curtain Bangs, Rock It And Make Sure You Love Them 100%


 “Should I get bangs or not?” is a popular question these days, especially with COVID-19 keeping people at home. Almost everyone has more time to kill time by giving themselves a new hairdo — specifically, bangs.

Curtain bangs, in particular, are gaining the interest of people on social media since they are EVERYWHERE: Instagram, TikTok, Facebook and Pinterest. Even your favorite celebrities are embracing the Art of the Curtain Bangs. Girls with bangs is a thing!

It’s no wonder that many people go on Google to ask “How to cut curtain bangs?” “Can I pull off curtain bangs?” or “Are curtain bangs high maintenance?”

If you’re reading this article, you may be interested in jumping aboard the bandwagon or are still unsure whether you can pull off curly curtain bangs or not. Whatever your case is, this guide answers all of your curtain bang questions — from how to cut curtain bangs yourself to the face shapes that go with bangs.

Table of Contents
  1. Curtain Bangs 101: How to Cut Your Curtain Bangs
  2. Pro-Tips: How to Cut Your Curtain Bangs Well
  3. Are Curtain Bangs High Maintenance?
  4. What Face Shapes Go With Bangs?
  5. Can I Pull Off Curtain Bangs?
  6. How To Style Curtain Bangs?
  7. Styling Bangs Using a Curling Iron
  8. Bangs Using a Straightener
  9. Styling Bangs Using a Blow Dryer
  10. Products to Use When Styling Curtain Bangs
  11. Pros and Cons of Curtain Bangs
  12. Pros of Curtain Bangs
  13. Cons of Curtain Bangs
  14. Do’s and Don’ts When Cutting Your Curtain Bangs
  15. Common Mistakes When Cutting Curtain Bangs
  16. How to Fix Curtain Bangs That Are Too Short
  17. Best Hairstyles to Pair with Curtain Bangs
  18. How to Deal with Growing Out Curtain Bangs
  19. How to Maintain Curtain Bangs
  20. How to Deal with Cowlicks in Curtain Bangs

Curtain Bangs 101: How to Cut Your Curtain Bangs

What’s the difference between regular bangs and curtain bangs? The latter is a more versatile version of the former. Curtain bangs are long enough to pin back or grow out, but you can also cut them if you want a shorter look. This is easier achieved if you have a professional cut your bangs for you.

But there’s nothing wrong with cutting the curly curtain bangs yourself. It’s a tricky premise, especially when you’re in front of a bathroom mirror holding some scissors and Googling “how to cut curtain bangs” while you’re at it. But it’s not impossible.

You can cut your curtain bangs in two ways: scissor cutting and razor cutting.

How to Cut Curtain Bangs with Scissors                                   

Scissors are the basic tools for people who want to cut their bangs. But you can’t just work with any pair of scissors. You’ll need the most professional pair of scissors from your local beauty store to ensure a good cut.

Once you have your scissors, make sure that your hair is damp. Next, section your hair into two diagonal forward parts, both of which should be going toward your temple. Also, start cutting an inch or more back from your hairline and pull the section forward.

How to Cut Curtain Bangs with a Razor

A styling razor gives you more artistic control by letting your hair naturally blend with the wispy layers of your hair’s overall style.

To cut your curtain bangs with a razor, start with drying your hair. A popular misconception with cutting your bangs is to cut them wet. If you do, however, you might end up with shorter curtain bangs.

When cutting your curtain bangs with a razor, part your hair down the center and separate the section you’d like to be your curtain bangs. Here’s a pro-tip: the bigger the section, the thicker the bangs. Use the razer to cut the bangs between the end and the middle of your eyebrows. From the center of your hair, move outward with the styling razor and create wispy layers around your face.

Pro-Tips: How to Cut Your Curtain Bangs Well

Cutting your curtain bangs can be scary, especially if you don’t know where to start or how to do it well. Below are some things to keep in mind when learning how to cut curtain bangs at home.

Start Longer Than The Length You Planned

No one wants their straight or curly curtain bangs smacking them in the eyeballs every day. So, have awesome bangs and avoid obstructing your vision by cutting your bangs longer than you originally planned. If you think your first cut is too long, just trim more. It’s easier than cutting your bangs too short.

Find a Reference Image for Guidance

Curtain bangswhether they’re for curly hair or straight hair — suit every texture, but it still helps if you know the style and length that suit you. So, if you’re determined to DIY your curtain bangs, at least consult with a stylist first before you chop off your bangs. Do it via Zoom instead of FaceTime since a bigger screen will help you be more specific.

Like with any DIY haircut, it’s easier if you have a sample image of the style you’re going for. A frame of reference keeps you from suffering shaggy layered cuts.

So if you want a sure cut, do more research. Scroll through Pinterest and Instagram for a few references to avoid regrets.

Use the Right Scissors

Many people make the mistake of using whatever scissors are available. If you were a skilled stylist, your technique can make up for your lack of tools. But if you don’t have experience with cutting hair and you’re chopping your hair with kitchen scissors, your curly hair curtain bangs dreams might not be achievable.

If you want to have better curtain bangs, level up your scissors. Some thinning shears, which are designed with thinner blades, can give you a more carefree and wispier hair texture.

Don’t Forget to Blow Dry

People with wavy or straight hair can easily style their bangs with a couple of products, their hands and their trusty blow-dryer. Keep your hair in place by using leave-in serum or conditioner and hairspray.

When it comes to blow-drying your curtain bangs, blow them out using your fingers, combing in one direction first before you go to another direction. Use a round brush to smooth them out if necessary.


Are Curtain Bangs High Maintenance?

Yes, they are! Since they don’t require a big commitment like micro, blunt or ached bangs, you don’t have to invest in frequent salon visits. Since they flow into your hair naturally, you can easily style them however you want.

While they are low-maintenance, curly curtain bangs still require some level of effort so always be ready to style them. Unless you have naturally curly or wavy hair, it will take some time to style your bangs the way you want them to look.

What Face Shapes Go With Bangs?

So who do curtain bangs look good on? Everyone!

The key is to make curtain bangs to suit your face shape. Consider the following tips for the following face shapes.

Oval Face Shape

People with oval faces can get away with any bang shape, including curly curtain bangs. Just tailor the fringe length to the length of your forehead. A shorter crop elongates a shorter forehead while longer layers can balance a longer forehead length.

Heart Face Shape

To rock your curtain bangs, balance a wider forehead with a thinner jawline. Steer clear from blunt bangs. Instead, go for a smooth, swoopy and center-parted fringe cut below your brow line. Before blow-drying your hair, apply a bit of styling cream to your bangs and brush them with a round brush for a sleek appearance.

Round Face Shape

Curtain bang gives a round face a pretty fringe look. Textured, thin and wispy, these curtain bangs add some angle to round faces, giving it a more elongated look. It also shapes your face without hiding your beautiful eyes completely. Take a page out of Taylor Swift’s hairstyle book.

Square Face Shape

People with square-shaped faces will look good with sweet and short curtain bangs. Curtain bangs can balance their high cheekbones and strong jawlines. Go for a short wispy fringe and a deep center part.

Rectangle Face Shape

Too choppy or too rigid bangs do not look good on a rectangle face shape. Instead, go for longer curtain bangs since you want the shortest pieces to hit below or just at the cheekbones.

Can I Pull Off Curtain Bangs?


As long as you know how to style and cut your bangs, you’ll be one of the girls with bangin’ bangs! With bangs, you can amp up your style or hopefully hide your widow’s peak! Although a DIY cut is OK, it’s best to see a professional you can achieve your curtain bangs dreams.

How To Style Curtain Bangs?

People often ask stylists whether they should get bangs or not. They show up with pictures of bangs they like and want to change their look. However, stylists usually caution that getting bangs is a commitment and ask if a particular type of bang would suit them.

To style curtain bangs, it’s recommended to use a blow dryer and a medium-barrel round brush. The bangs should be blow-dried going backward, away from the face. It’s better to start the styling process with damp hair as it will help set the look better. After drying, apply some pomade or dry texturizing spray to the bangs and adjust them to the desired position by pinching. Finally, finish with a quick hairspray to set the style.

Styling Bangs Using a Curling Iron

If you want to achieve a 70’s barrelled windswept look reminiscent of a Dolly Parton video, use a curling wand or iron and apply a hairspray or holding spray beforehand. After the curls have cooled down, brush them out for a natural windswept effect with a wide-toothed comb.

To achieve a barrelled look with your bangs, follow these steps: first, apply a small amount of hair spray to each side of the bangs. Next, wrap the portion of hair away from your face around a warm tool. The curl must go away from your face. If the curls are too defined when curling from the root, lower down on the fringe and curl about halfway up. This style goes well with a full head of glamorous curls, somewhere between a Victoria’s Secret Angel and a country western star.

Bangs Using a Straightener

If you have a cowlick and are hesitant to get bangs, try styling curtain bangs with a flat iron. This technique allows you to apply heat and shape your hair directly from the root, effectively taming any flicks. The good news is that this hairstyle works with hair of any length. You can wear most of your hair in a ponytail, a low bun, or down; just leave out the wispy fringe and create a center part.

For styling your hair, first:

  1.     Dry it with a blow dryer and use a heat protectant.
  2.     Apply an anti-frizz oil or balm to make it smooth.
  3.     Take one side of your bangs and use a straightener to gradually curl it upwards while adjusting the angle for your desired look. If you only need a straightener for your bangs, consider buying a mini iron with small heat plates, which is also suitable for traveling.

Styling Bangs Using a Blow Dryer

A blow dryer and round bristle brush will make your fringe stand out. Whether your hair is straight or wavy, you can create front bangs that combine the styles of Alexa Chung and Farrah Fawcett. To start, use a comb with a parting spike to make a center part in your hair.

To achieve perfect curtain bangs:

  1.     Begin by setting your dryer to medium heat and strength.
  2.     Dry all parts of your hair until it is 70 percent dry.
  3.     Pull back all parts of your hair except for the fringe.
  4.     Place the dryer’s nozzle up to the brush and sweep it upwards.
  5.     Slowly pull the brush downwards until your hair is completely dry.

After you have the desired volume, use a cold blast of air to set the shape. And that’s it! You have now achieved perfectly styled curtain bangs.

Products to Use When Styling Curtain Bangs

There are various methods to attain the style, and you can opt for the one according to your skill level and preferred tools. Here’s a list of essential products to help you style your curtain bangs.

  • Round Brush Hot Tool – Round brushes are excellent for styling curtain bangs as they help to create volume at the roots and encourage a flip-out effect.
  • Hairspray – To keep your style in place for longer, use a flexible hairspray to finish the look.
  • Pomade/ Wax – Applying pomade or wax to your fringe can help to add texture and definition.
  • Dry Texturizing Spray – Use dry texturizing spray on your bangs to enhance the style for a more natural look.
  • Anti-Frizz Oil/ Balm – To avoid frizzy hair, use an anti-frizz oil or balm before styling.
  • Mini Iron – If you only need to style your bangs, buy a mini iron which is perfect for traveling and quick touch-ups.
  • Classic Blow Dryer – A good quality blow dryer is essential for styling your bangs. Set it to medium heat and strength before beginning the process.
  • Big Hot Rollers – Big hot rollers can help to create a smooth, barrelled look with your bangs.

Pros and Cons of Curtain Bangs

Curtain bangs are a great way to add flair and drama to your look. They can be styled into shapes, from straight and sleek to wavy and voluminous. Here are some of the pros and cons of getting curtain bangs.

Pros of Curtain Bangs

  • Enhances Your Appearance – Bangs can enhance your natural beauty traits by framing your face when styled correctly. They can soften your appearance and highlight your facial features, such as your eyes and lips.
  • Conceal Flaws – If you have acne, wrinkles, or a thinning hairline, bangs can provide coverage. They cover a portion of the face and can help hide imperfections like zits, receding hairlines, and forehead lines.
  • Versatile – One great thing about having bangs is their versatility. Despite seeming like they only can be styled one way, there are many options for styling them in different ways. To clarify, you can part your bangs down the center. If you haven’t had a haircut recently, temporarily wear your bangs swept to the side to keep them from falling into your eyes. Pin it back to avoid styling your hair on a particular day. Remember to consider the versatility of bangs. They offer plenty of styling options and can be fun to experiment with. Go ahead and explore different looks!
  • Reduces the Need for Makeup – If you have bangs, you can skip applying foundation on your forehead and just use a light dust of powder. You don’t need to stress about making your eyebrows perfectly even.
  • Easy to Put Together – One of the benefits of having bangs is that they can give you a polished look with minimal effort. They can enhance a casual outfit and add a touch of sophistication to a basic hairstyle.
  • Covers the Forehead and Eyebrow – Bangs are a great way to cover up a large forehead or overplucked brows. Also, it’s worth noting that large foreheads are beautiful.
  • Look Younger – Getting bangs can be helpful if you’re looking to appear younger. Take Zooey Deschanel, for instance; despite being in her 40s, she looks closer to her 30s, mainly because of her bangs.

Cons of Curtain Bangs

  • High Maintenance – One important factor is that bangs need regular maintenance to look their best. This involves styling and caring for them frequently. To achieve the desired look, you may need to use hairstyling tools occasionally, such as a blow dryer and round brush. Also, using dry shampoo can help you avoid washing your bangs daily.
  • Frequent Haircuts – To maintain the perfect length of your bangs, you might have to go to the salon every two to three weeks.
  • Oily Hair – They tend to get oily faster than the rest. Several factors could be responsible for this, including the natural oils on the forehead, hair moisturizing products, and other reasons.
  • Flat Bangs in High Humidity – If you reside in a hot and humid city or country, you should reconsider getting bangs as they tend to become flat, sweaty, and frizzy due to excess humidity.

Do’s and Don’ts When Cutting Your Curtain Bangs

Here are some do’s and don’ts when cutting your bangs:

Do’s when cutting curtain bangs:

  • Start small. If you’re new to cutting your curtain bangs, start with a shorter length and trim it more once you get used to the look.
  • Cut a little at a time. Don’t go overboard with scissors when cutting your bangs — take frequent breaks and check to ensure you’re happy with the length.
  • Trim your bangs straight across or curved — whichever works best for you!
  • Use good quality scissors that are specifically designed for cutting hair.
  • Be patient and take it slow when cutting your bangs.

Don’t when cutting curtain bangs:

  • Don’t cut your bangs when they’re wet. Hair is more prone to breakage when wet, and the results of a wet cut won’t be satisfactory.
  • Avoid using regular household scissors as they can cause split ends and jagged edges.
  • Remember to take into account cowlicks, if any. When styling or cutting your bangs, keep cowlicks in mind so you don’t have an uneven haircut.
  • Don’t cut the same length on each side — it’s best to go slightly shorter on one side and longer on the other for a natural look.
  • Avoid using a razor to cut your bangs — it will damage the hair and make it too thin.
  • Don’t forget to use a comb when cutting your bangs. The comb helps guide you in creating an even line and keeps the fringe straight while cutting.
  • Try not to rush through the process — take your time and ensure you’re happy with the results before moving on. Cutting bangs is an art, and it takes practice to get it right!
  • Last, don’t forget to use hairspray to help keep your bangs in place after styling. This will help your fringe last longer and look its best all day!

Common Mistakes When Cutting Curtain Bangs

Curtain bangs can be tricky to cut, so it’s essential to do your research and avoid common mistakes. Here are a few mistakes that you should watch out for when cutting your curtain bangs:

Cutting Too Short

If you’re not experienced with cutting fringe, it’s easy to make the mistake of going too short. So it’s best to start with a shorter length and then trim more later if needed.

Not Considering Hair Texture Before Getting a Fringe

It seems like you’ve ignored your hairdresser’s advice about your hair texture while getting a new hairstyle because you believe your styling tools can make any look work for you. However, the styling tools may not always give the desired outcome, so your recent hairstyle seems like you’ve attached someone else’s bangs to your head.

Cutting Uneven Bangs

If you’re cutting your bangs yourself, take your time and avoid cutting too much off the same side. An even cut is vital so that one side isn’t longer than the other.

Not Taking Cowlicks into Account

If you have cowlicks in your fringe, it can be challenging to achieve an even cut. Try parting the bangs in different directions and adjust accordingly until you get the desired look.

Trimming Your Bangs Yourself

You dislike visiting the hairdresser and usually only get one haircut per year. However, you need a bang trim before a year passes. You cut your bangs, thinking it couldn’t be that difficult. Armed with scissors, you start snipping away, but unfortunately, each cut makes your bangs shorter and more uneven.

Using Regular Scissors

Household scissors are not designed for cutting hair and can cause split ends and jagged edges. Invest in a pair of good-quality scissors specifically designed for cutting hair.

Not Using Hairspray

You should always use hairspray to help keep your bangs in place after styling. It will help them last longer and look their best all day long!

Overall, curtain bangs can be a great way to add flair and drama to your look. You can achieve the perfect style for any occasion with the right tools, techniques, and products.

How to Fix Curtain Bangs That Are Too Short

If you’ve mistakenly cut your bangs too short and regret it, don’t worry — there is a way to fix them. Here are your options for improving the curtain bangs that you cut short.

Use a Headband

If you’re having trouble with your bangs, wear a thick headband to keep them out of your face and to avoid people seeing them.

Secure Them on Your Head

If you don’t want to flat iron your hair, you can still hide your bangs using bobby pins. Simply twist your bangs and pin them on the crown of your head.

Lengthen Them with a Flat Iron

To prevent short bangs from sticking out, you can use a flat iron to stretch them out since they tend to be more noticeable due to their length.

Sport a ’90s-Inspired Hairstyle

You can use hair accessories to cover up your fringe that you’re not happy with, as hair accessories are trendy now. Simply part your hair in the middle and use colorful clips to keep your bangs in place, similar to how Dua Lipa styles her hair.

Accept Your Too-Short Bangs

If you are feeling frustrated about your DIY project not turning out as expected, don’t worry. It’s not a big deal. Your hair will grow back in case it was a hair-cutting attempt. Alternatively, micro bangs are trendy, so you could make it work!

Best Hairstyles to Pair with Curtain Bangs

Curtain bangs can be paired with various hairstyles for a variety of looks. Here are some of the best hairstyles to pair with curtain bangs:

Half-Up, Half-Down Look

This look is effortlessly chic and works great for any occasion. Simply pull back the top half of your hair into a half ponytail and leave the rest down.

Bubble Ponytail

This is a fun hairstyle that looks great with curtain bangs. Gather your hair into a mid-level ponytail and secure it with an elastic band, then tie another elastic band around the first one to create two “bubbles.”

Braided Crown

This is perfect for those with long hair who want to add texture. Just braid your hair into a crown-like shape and secure it with bobby pins.

Modern Updo

For a sophisticated look, gather the top half of your hair at the crown of your head and twist it into an updo. Secure it with bobby pins, and you’re good to go!

Low Ponytail

Try a simple low ponytail if you want a bit more low-key. Pull your hair back into a low ponytail at the nape of your neck and secure it with an elastic band.

Messy Bun

This is an easy and quick hairstyle that looks great with curtain bangs. Gather your hair into a bun at the top of your head and secure it with bobby pins. For an extra touch, add some accessories like clips or a ribbon.

How to Deal with Growing Out Curtain Bangs

Growing out curtain bangs can be tricky, so knowing how to handle them is essential. Here are some tips for dealing with growing out curtain bangs:

Be Patient

It might take several months before your bangs grow and reach the desired length. Don’t give up, as patience is key in growing out your bangs.

Grow Out Strategically

When trimming your bangs, keep the length slightly on one side and shorter on the other — this helps create a natural look as they grow out.

Trim the Center of Your Bangs

Although it may seem contradictory, trimming your bangs can promote hair growth. To achieve this, you should ask your stylist to trim your bangs just above the eyebrows or to use thinning shears to create texture and reduce weight. This will enable your bangs to fall more softly and take on a curtain bang or face-framing shape, depending on their length.

Pin Them Back

Williams suggests pinning your bangs back to make styling easier when unsure what to do with them. When your bangs have grown 1 to 2 inches longer than their original length, they become more challenging to style. This is where ponytails, braids, or pinned-back twists are useful options for keeping your bangs out of your face.

How to Maintain Curtain Bangs

Maintaining your curtain bangs doesn’t have to be complicated — just follow these tips, and you’ll be good to go:

Keep Hair Hydrated

It’s important to keep your hair hydrated when you have curtain bangs because they are more prone to dryness due to their length. Use a hydrating shampoo and conditioner, and apply a weekly hair mask to keep your fringe healthy and strong.

Avoid Heat Styling

Avoid using too much heat when styling your curtain bangs, as it can damage the hair. Instead, opt for air-drying or diffusing products designed for this purpose.

Trim Regularly

Regular trims are essential for maintaining your curtain bangs — aim for a trim every four to six weeks to keep them looking their best.

By following these tips, you can maintain your curtain bangs and ensure they look as good as new ones!

How to Deal with Cowlicks in Curtain Bangs

If you have cowlicks in your curtain bangs, here are some tips that can help you deal with them:

Moisten the Area

To fix your cowlick, you should wet only the affected area thoroughly. This tip is useful as you do not have to wash your head again, just the specific area. A spray bottle can be handy in this situation.

Use a Styling Product that Provides a Hold

To manage cowlicks, use a hair product that adds weight and texture to the root area. This will help keep your hair in place.

Brush the Cowlick in the Opposite Direction

To dry your hair, use a gentle brush and hold the blow dryer downwards. Concentrate the heat on the area just above your roots.

Change the Direction

If you’re struggling with blow drying in the right direction, try using a round brush and alternate your movement. Switching up the technique can help combat the cowlick. Keep moving the brush and dryer back and forth until your hair is completely dry.

Cutting curtain bangs can be tricky, and it’s important to remember the do’s and don’ts when cutting them. It is essential to use good quality scissors that are specifically designed for cutting hair, take into account cowlicks, if any, cut slightly shorter on one side than the other for a natural look, and avoid using razors or regular household scissors, which can cause split ends and jagged edges, as well as hairspray to help keep your bangs in place after styling. Ultimately, you will have beautiful-looking curtain bangs by following these tips and tricks!

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