How David Dobrik Net Worth Reached Millions Through YouTube and Other Ventures



  • David Dobrik’s net worth is estimated to be around $20-$25 million
  • David Dobrik has around 17.9 million subscribers on YouTube, and an additional 12 million followers on Instagram
  • Dobrik began his YouTube career in 2015
  • Besides his successful YouTube channel, Dobrik is also involved in various other ventures, which have contributed to David Dobrik’s net worth.


David Dobrik is a Slovakian-American internet personality and content creator who has gained a large following and fame through his YouTube channel, vlogs, and social media presence.

Dobrik has become one of his generation’s most popular and successful online influencers with the help of his infectious personality, sense of humor, and unique content style. In addition to David Dobrik’s career on YouTube, he has other business ventures, which helped him grow his net worth.

We’ll learn more about how David Dobrik net worth has reached millions through YouTube and other digital tools, so join us.


David Dobrik Net Worth in 2023

As of 2023, David Dobrik’s net worth is said to be around $20-$25 million. This is more or less the same as David Dobrik’s net worth in 2022, which was estimated to be in the same range as the one mentioned for 2023.

His yearly earnings are estimated at $10-$15 million. David Dobrik’s net worth remained constant in 2022 and 2023, so it’s logical to assume that he is making further investments. This includes further developing his brand and business channels and continuously investing in new ideas for other business ventures.


His YouTube channel with around 17.9 million subscribers is his primary source of income. He has an additional 12 million followers on Instagram, generating millions of views per video.

His earnings come from various sources besides his YouTube channel, such as brand endorsements, merchandise sales, and sponsorships. Other sources of income include various other ventures and investments like mobile apps and other digital tools.

In 2021, David Dobrik’s career was put on standby for some time, and he even lost some followers. This was due to certain controversies after sexual assault allegations arose against him; however, he got back on track and is still going strong.


David Dobrik’s Early Life and Career That Contributed To His Net Worth

Kosice, Slovakia, is the birthplace of David Dobrik. At the age of 6, he moved to the United States with his family, settling in Chicago, Illinois, where he grew up. 

Dobrik attended Vernon Hills High School in Illinois, where he was involved in various extracurricular activities, including tennis. When Dobrik graduated from high school, he pursued his career in online entertainment by moving to Los Angeles.

Dobrik began his YouTube career in 2015 when he created his channel to share videos of pranks, challenges, and vlogs with his friends. Dobrik’s unique and engaging content quickly gained a large following, making him one of the most popular creators on YouTube. As of May 2023, David Dobrik’s net worth is astonishing, and he has billions of views over the years.


Who is David Dobrik’s Wife?

David Dobrik’s wife was Lorraine Nash, a woman 52 years older than him. The couple married on May 15, 2019, in Las Vegas, Nevada, but got divorced after just one month of marriage.

Lorraine Nash is actually the mother of a close friend of Dobrik. The marriage was made as a prank to become his friend’s stepfather, as Dobrik explained in Jimmy Fallon’s show. 

How Old is David Dobrik?

Born on July 23, 1996, David Dobri is 26 years old as of May 2023. Although he is young, David Dobrik’s net worth is impressive, and he has achieved significant success in his career, becoming a role model for many young people around the world. David Dobrik’s income is a goal for many Millennials and Gen Z pursuing online careers.


David Dobrik’s YouTube Career

David Dobrik’s career started with the launch of his self-titled YouTube channel in 2015. Here he began filming videos with his friends from the Vlog Squad. His content was mainly based on vlogs, pranks, and sketches featuring the Vlog Squad.

David Dobrik and MrBeast

Pranks made David Dobrik’s earnings skyrocket and were mainly based on his channel. His short and entertaining content won several awards, including the Shorty Award for Vlogger of the Year in 2019.

How Does David Dobrik Spend His Money?

David Dobrik is known for his extravagant lifestyle and enjoys spending money on luxurious cars, designer clothes, and expensive vacations. However, he also gives back to his fans and friends, often surprising them with gifts and experiences. Dobrik has also donated money to various movements, causes, and charities, including Black Lives Matter.

He also invests in other business ventures to further develop his capital and brand and shows great entrepreneurial spirit.

David Dobrik’s Other Ventures

Besides David Dobrik’s career as a successful YouTube channel, he is also involved in various other ventures, contributing to David Dobrik’s net worth. He launched his own podcast, “Views,” which he co-hosts with his friend and fellow YouTuber, Jason Nash (his ex-stepson). 

He started a successful business selling his David Dobrik Merch line, which includes clothing, phone cases, and other accessories with his signature catchphrases and designs.

In 2019, Dobrik launched an app named David’s Disposable. The app quickly gained popularity, reaching over a million downloads in just one month, contributing further to David Dobrik’s earnings.

In addition to his app, Dobrik also collaborated with several brands for sponsored content, including SeatGeek, Dollar Shave Club, and EA Sports. However, after the controversies in 2021 surrounding the sexual assault allegations, some brands distanced themself from Dobrik.

Furthermore, David Dobrik has invested in various startups, including the social media app Dispo, which was briefly on the most popular Apple Store apps list. He also launched his own fragrance in 2020, a pizza restaurant in Los Angeles in 2022, and other ventures.

Due to David Dobrik’s net worth, he was included in the social media category of the 2021 Forbes list for “30 Under 30”. He has received several awards and acted in several movies. 


Is David Dobrik the founder and leader of The Vlog Squad? 

Yes, David Dobrik is the founder and leader of The Vlog Squad, a group of friends who frequently appear in his YouTube videos. The group includes popular creators, such as Jason Nash, Josh Peck, Trisha Paytas, Zane Hijazi, Corinna Kopf and others.

Dobrik’s collaborations with The Vlog Squad significantly influenced his success on YouTube and helped David Dobrik net worth significantly. It also influences where does David Dobrik live now, which is his $9.5 Million LA Mansion.


Favorite Quotes from David Dobrik

David Dobrik is known for his charming personality and humor, which helped him build a massive following on YouTube. Here are some of his most memorable quotes:


“I filmed my first vlog, and I think it worked because I wasn’t trying to make it work. I was just doing it for my own enjoyment.” 

“Surround yourself with people that make you happy.”

“I feel that I owe a lot to SpongeBob and all Bikini Bottom for helping me figure out what I thought was funny and entertaining.”

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