Best Rustic Western Wedding Ideas

groom and wife dancing inside barnhouse

Barn and Ranch weddings have always gained numerous attention for most couples in the Western regions and other parts of the globe. Aside from the uniqueness and quirky atmosphere it brings during the wedding, it also adds to the country and romantic feels. If you’re a couple who’s looking forward to making a rustic and country-theme inspired wedding.

This is all for you. Below are some of the things to make your wedding more Western.

1. Forget the Heels and Pick a Pair of Wedding Boots.

Crush out the heels on your wedding checklist and decide on wearing the boots of your wedding dreams. Even if you’re not a Western bride or groom, you can look Western with wearing the right pair of wedding cowboy boots! At AA Callister, there is a wide variety of corral Western wedding boots you can choose from – with the various shades and colors to pair your wedding dress. With the right wedding boots, you do not have to worry about sinking heels and uncomfortable ramping into the grass.

2. Pair With Some Denim Fabrics.

Are you fond of denim fabrics? Like jackets and jeans. Well, why not give your wedding a little spice of wedding and everything nice?

3. Put Some Art-Deco Barrels and Whiskeys.

Achieve a complete rustic or countryside atmosphere with these multifunctional barrels that will surely make your wedding look perfect.

4. Craft Some Handkerchief Invitations.

The idea of handkerchief invitations is not already uncommon to us. It has been the talk-of-the-town when it comes to rustic weddings. Who would resist its country chic vibe, anyway?

5. Wish Your Wedding Good Luck With Horseshoes.

Use horseshoes as one of your decors on your big day — from tables to invitations to anywhere you can think of putting these little charmers. Not only do they send you good luck but they also symbolize the classic western.

6. Bring Out That Pick-up Truck.

Doesn’t the mere sight of this vehicle gives its beholder the rustic vibes? It comes in different functions like serving as the location for the gathering of a wedding gift or a background for your post-wedding fun shoots. You can even use it as a getaway car at the end of your wedding!

7. Dine the Western Way.

fancy dinner with wine and ribs A western style rehearsal dinner is the answer to those who do not feel adequately equipped yet with having an all in western style wedding. No worries! This western way of dining got your back.

8. Look for a Ranch or Barn Venue.

Of course, how else would you fully achieve this rustic wedding without getting an appropriate location? Check out some potential ranch venues for your wedding through the Internet and give them a heads up right away!

9. Ride a Horse.

What is a rustic wedding without this beautiful creature? Make your entrance memorable by making the guests gasp with the newlyweds riding in a horse.

Now, everything’s nearly set! Your to-do list for your wedding day will be done in no time. Just make your heartfelt vows, wear your lovely smiles and cherish every moment on your big day!

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