Here’s What’s Probably Aging You and How You Can Prevent It

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I am a 29-year-old female who takes good care of her skin through proper skincare, yet I still get premature wrinkles on my face and neck. Sure, 29 is not exactly young, but it is also not the age where you should be getting or expecting wrinkles to pop up here and there. Another thing is that I make sure to use anti-aging skin care products, but none of them actually worked in the past.

This is the reason I am so thankful for Kedma Cosmetics’ Miracle Eye Cream. This is the only anti-aging skincare product that actually saved my skin and undereye area from forming any more wrinkles. Plus, it made the old ones disappear fast. It promises to give instant results when it comes to transforming your under eyes and giving it that fresh and young look. It also claims to depuff your skin and give it a tight. Smooth, and plump appearance.

It Was Indeed a Miracle

At first, I was hesitant to try it since I have tried so many anti-aging products before to no avail. However, the website said that it has youth-enhancing elastin, peptides, collagen, and hyaluronic acid that will make your skin look radiant, healthy, and vibrant. It is just too promising to pass up, so I went ahead and bought it.

And oh boy, was I thankful that I did. It kept my undereye area looking plump and depuffed that I barely recognized myself in the mirror the following day. It changed my undereye skin overnight, and I was truly amazed by it! No product has ever delivered like this before, and I literally gasped at the mirror the moment I saw myself the following day.

I continue to use the cream and today, I have almost zero wrinkles on my under eyes. It made a huge difference when it comes to the way I look, and my friends have definitely noticed. I have recommended the cream to them and it changed their skincare game, too!

My New Skincare Routine

beautiful woman applying skin cream under eyes on her face

I use the cream every day to get the full effect. I apply it right after washing my face at night, making sure that the undereye area is dry and clean. I make sure that no makeup residue is left on my face, as this can affect the way the cream works. I then take a dime-sized amount of the cream and put it on my under eyes. I use my ring finger to tap it on, as this is the most gentle finger of all, and because the under eyes are extra sensitive. You might feel it tightening a bit, but this is normal. Do not rinse and just let it sit overnight.

Additionally, I also make sure to stir clear of food that can cause wrinkles. This includes processed and extra sweet types of food. Alcohol can also be a culprit when it comes to wrinkles, as well as smoking, so I make sure to avoid those. I also make sure to squeeze my daily work out in, whether it’s a short 10-minute one or a full hour one. This helps eliminate the toxins out of my body. Lastly, I make sure to get enough sleep and drink lots of water to keep my skin clear and hydrated.

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