Wedding Proposal Ideas That Remain As Classics

wedding proposal

So, you’ve decided to propose to your significant other. Perhaps you don’t want to jump into any fads or do something that you might look back at and cringe on. Besides finding wedding bands, the biggest step is the engagement itself. While any proposal depends on your preferences and what you think your would-be spouse would like, perhaps you’re looking for guidance on timeless ways to pop the question adequately. Below, we list a few classic options that you can’t go wrong with, and it’s up to you if you want to add your own elements that either make it unique or more attuned to your specific relationship.

  • Recreate your first date.

A romantic gesture would be to bring it back to how it all began, either by taking your partner to the site of your first date or recreating elements of it in a setting of your choice. That can be a nice little tieback into your relationship and how it’s all full circle now. If you execute this right, you can even rely on scientific backing, proving that a dose of nostalgia can have significant positive effects on a relationship as long as it’s already in a suitable place.

  • Create a special dinner setting.

Whether you choose to decorate your own place and prepare a meal yourself or go out to a classy restaurant with a stellar menu, you can time your proposal perfectly right as dessert is served or as the apex of your toast with a nice glass of champagne or wine. That is a great way to have a simple yet meaningful setup with the bonus of good food.

  • Prepare a picnic under the stars.

One of the most timeless romantic vibes is sitting under constellations and stargazing over a picnic spread. You can pick a beautiful area to have some privacy, in a grassy meadow or a hill with a beautiful overlooking peak. You can pop the question under the beauty of the night sky (provided you’re in an area that isn’t too polluted) and even play some music in the background. That is one of the options that doesn’t require too much to pull off but can be great if executed well.

  • Rock around the Christmas tree.

setting up a Christmas tree

A lot of people propose around the holidays, mostly because it’s usually such a time of merriment and togetherness. The most popular proposal day has been noted to be Christmas day, and if you’re thinking of making use of this cheerful time, an excellent way to do so is by using the tree. You can either place the ring as an ornament for your partner to find or string up lettering to spell “will you marry me?” and prepare your speech on how the love you both share is a gift.

  • Hide surprises in food or drink.

One of the most timeless ways to present an engagement ring is by hiding it in plain sight, served in a fluffy dessert, or floating in a glass of champagne. That would require you to make sure, of course, that the ring doesn’t accidentally get consumed, but it’s a cute and reliable way to catch your partner off-guard and pop the question then and there.

It’s up to you what you feel is the best way to express your feelings and ask the big question. As long as you plan it and you know you’re at a place where you can take the next step, things should go smoothly.

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