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Wedding is indeed one of the most important events in the life of any person and everyone wants to make it as memorable as they can. Many couples regard this as a life-changing point and try to make this event as special as one can. The couples want every single thing to be flawless and beautiful on this occasion.

One important element in these wedding occasions is the invitations that couples send to their dear ones inviting them to accompany the couple to this lovely event. Many people put a lot of emphasis on these wedding invitations and want them to be very attractive and impressive.

Nowadays, apart from simple card invitations, many other new wedding invitation mediums are also being utilized. Some of these wedding invitation ideas are trending across the world. Despite the fact that the traditional thick card stock still remains popular, many couples have begun to experiment with their wedding invitations. From parchment rolls to seed-based eco-friendly paper cards, and from e-invites to video invites, the choices that these couples have are unlimited.

The wedding invitation card serves as a platform for the couple to express themselves. Your wedding invitation card can be a direct representation of your combined personalities or you can simply recount your love story in this invitation.

Here in this article, we have compiled a list of some of the most creative and unique wedding invitation ideas for you. Some of them are humorous, others are much more romantic, but in the end, they are all quite impressive!


Evite is the name of sending an invitation via email. Nowadays everything is being done virtually over the internet and using the internet to send invitations is trending across the world these days.

In this method, a lovely card is designed and customized according to the requirements of the couples using any online wedding invitation maker available on the web. Various animations and graphics are included and there is a formal invitation to attend the wedding event. Then this e-card is sent over to the desired person via their email address.

In modern times, people hardly print paper cards, instead they send them via mail to their dear ones. People prefer this medium more as it is handy, less or not costly at all as well as it is impressive and unique.

These online invitation makers offer you loads of different templates to choose from when you are making your wedding invitation. This also gives you an idea of what is trending in the world and significantly reduces your efforts in designing the invite.

Video Invitations:

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Video invitations are also a new trend in the world. Couples are largely using this to invite people to their weddings and people are just loving this idea very much.

These video invites can be of any type. It can be a lovely video inviting the guests to attend your wedding ceremony, including the pictures of couples along with the pictures of the venue. It can be a video of the couple sharing their love story and in the end, calling out the guests to be a part of their marriage ceremony, or it can simply be an animated video of the couple which is actually quite unique and wonderful.

These video invites can be easily created using wedding invitation video makers available on the web. These online tools are loaded with tons of features to help you create a lovely video as an invitation. The predefined video invite templates being offered by this online wedding invitation video maker make this much easier for you to decide what kind of a video invite you would like for yourself. You can add animations, transitions, and graphic effects to make your invitations lovelier.

These video invites are easy to make and deliver and the cost incurred in designing and delivering them is very cheap. Also, these invites can be sent through emails, or simply sent as a message in social media messengers to the desired person.

Although not many people utilize this, still this invitation idea is just amazing and soon people all over the world are going to shift to this method for inviting people to their weddings.

Comic Invites:

This is surely a wonderful idea for comic lovers spread all over the world. You can get yourself and your partner transformed into a comic character and use these characters in the wedding invites. Seems pretty cool, right?

Nowadays, there are a lot of softwares available that can transform the pictures of both partners into comic characters. These characters can then be used to create a video invite too. The video invite would feature a full comic book setup and the couple could add text and graphics to this video.

These comic characters can also be printed on a comic-theme-based wedding card. That card can then be sent via emails or maybe posted using social media accounts. This would surely look pretty amazing and I am sure that the comic-lovers are going to love this idea very much.

Jigsaw Puzzle Invites:

This is indeed a very interesting wedding invitation idea. The couples get themselves a designed wedding invitation template and have it printed on cardboard in the shape of a jigsaw puzzle.

Then the pieces of the jigsaw puzzle are separated and packed in beautiful packing. This invitation is then sent to the desired person and on receiving it they have to arrange the jigsaw pieces themselves to read the invite.

This seems quite fun and I am sure people are going to be amazed when they will receive a jigsaw puzzle invite yet they would love this unique idea of inviting them to the wedding event.

Everyone wants their wedding invites to be quite impressive and unique. We are sure that if you try one of the above-mentioned ideas, your wedding invitation would be much cooler and more lovely.

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