Time-Consuming Activities During Quarantine

Female reading a book on the couch

Everyone is stuck at home. For better or worse you now have a ton of time to do with whatever you please. Boredom can be a taxing issue, particularly for those living alone. If you’re looking of ways to spend all this time that’s not entirely reliant on what’s showing on Netflix, you may want to keep on reading.

Read Books

Books open whole new worlds for you to get lost in for hours, even days. You can immerse yourself in the stories and learn at the same time. It doesn’t matter if you’re reading physical copies or ebooks on your Kindle or iPad. You can even take advantage of free audio books from companies like Audible. Plus, according to Reader’s Digest, reading helps protect your brain from Alzheimer’s disease.

Play Video Games

In terms of interactivity, there are a few activities that can contend with playing video games. They have come a long way in terms of immersion because of huge strides in graphical innovations. Even if you play older titles, the entertainment value is still undeniable. Plus, triple-A titles usually take more than 20 hours to finish. And contrary to old belief, according to the American Psychological Association, playing video games provides learning, health, and social benefits.

Set Up a Workout Routine

Workout sessions don’t usually need to last long to produce results. However, they need to be done regularly. Even if you allot just 30 minutes to a daily routine, these exercises and the preparations for them can add up. By establishing a workout routine, you’ll be able to burn fat and time simultaneously. Take it to the next level by doing 30, 60, or 90-day workout challenges. This will help keep you motivated and engaged for longer.

Finish Training Courses

Whether you have a career or are still a student, you can find a lot of material online that can help you train an existing skill. Learning how to code or how to master audio files or how to manage a small business takes time — time that you have lots of right now. These activities will bear benefits that will last way beyond this lockdown. Take time to develop your skillset and improve your market value in the process.

Create Art

Whether you like painting, sculpting, writing poems, or creating music, this is the perfect time to do so. It doesn’t matter if you have the talent or not, what matters is the willingness to try and work hard at it. According to Business Insider, creating art, even if you’re bad at it, relieves stress, improves cognitive functions, and helps alleviate depression. Plus, it’ll be a good way to document all this time you’re spending at home. By the end of the quarantine, you’ll have a collection of artworks worth looking back on.

Solve Puzzles

Hands holding puzzle pieces

If you want an activity that exercises a lot of brainpower while still being entertaining then puzzles are for you. A Sudoku, crossword, or a 500-piece puzzle will engage your brain cells in a way that few activities can. According to The Guardian, puzzles are mental workouts that help keep your brain sharp. Plus, they usually take a lot of time to solve.

There’s more to surviving this quarantine than microwaveable meals and Netflix shows. Check out these time-consuming activities that are fun and beneficial too.

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