Things Your Wedding Guests Actually Care About


Organizing your wedding celebration is obviously about the couple. Guests would want to witness the culmination of a stable relationship that is full of love and beautiful memories. For family and friends, it is also a great time for reunions. For some people, it makes a nice excuse to dress fancy and dine in style. With all these in mind, it is just right that you work hard on organizing the big day. You would want the celebration to become memorable for all the right reasons.

But do not just make it everything about you and your would-be spouse. It is also your priority to please your guests, ensuring them that everything is in order. You have to see to it that they are comfortable. This is the first thing that you should discuss with your wedding planner and event specialist. To give you an idea how to go through this, here is a list that your guests actually care about:


food at a wedding

Expect that a lot of your guests will surely look forward to what the food will be. And because you aim to please, you should be careful with your selections. You can either stick to a motif when picking the dishes or discreetly find out what they want. While you are at it, find out about the special food conditions of your guests. Some of them may be vegan or may not be allowed to eat certain food due to health concerns. To gauge your decision on this much better, attend food tasting events.


Your program is the phase where the guests will know more about you and your would-be spouse. Some stories will be shared here. Just keep the program as short as possible; a dragging program will bore the guests, causing some of them to leave early. Keep everyone entertained with a perky events host or a talented band.

Comfort of the Place

No guests would want to attend a party where they feel hot and sticky because the venue is not properly ventilated or too cold for their liking. Make sure that the guests will be comfortable by making sure that there are enough air conditioners or radiators in the place. The seats should be properly padded and the layout planned carefully to make moving around easier.

Parking Space

A lot of your guests will be driving to your celebration. With that, see to it that there is enough parking space in the venue. Find out how many of your guests will drive to the venue so that you can plan the logistics of the parking. If the parking space is too small, offer an alternative to some of your guests. You can pick them up and drop them off via rented transportation.

Your wedding is not just a memorable day for you and your partner. It is also a celebration that your family and friends are looking forward to. With that in mind, you should work hard on accommodating all the possible needs of your guests. You would want them to feel comfortable as much as possible. You ought to do your best to make them feel special and an important part of your big day.

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