Things to Plan for After a Death


There is no pain in the world like losing a loved one. However, it’s important to remember the deceased in the best way possible and pay tribute to his or her life. Here are the things that you should plan for after someone has passed away:

Choose the burial form

There are different ways that you can choose to lay your loved one’s body to rest. The traditional burial form involves a gravesite, cemetery plot, family mausoleum, or a crypt. For these methods, you will need a casket, grave lining, and a grave marker. Many makers of headstones in West Valley City can help you customize your loved one’s plaque or marker.

Another form of burial is the “green” option, wherein people choose to be buried in the most eco-friendly way possible. This means that the body will be buried in a natural setting without being embalmed. The casket must also be made of sustainable and biodegradable materials. Lastly, trees, rocks, or plants are used as grave markers. Plenty of burial grounds offer this type of service.

The last common type is cremation. The body is reduced to ashes after undergoing an intense heating process. The remaining loved ones can then choose to dispose of the ashes as they wish, such as scattering them somewhere meaningful for the deceased. Others also want to keep the ashes and bury them somewhere.

The memorial service

For the surviving family members and friends of the deceased, it’s important to remember the person and pay tribute to his or her life. Memorial services tend to be very personalized. They can be performed at a funeral home or a place of worship.

Depending on the deceased’s or the family’s preferences, the service can include the reading of poems or passages, the singing of songs, or the sharing of memorable events involving the deceased.

It is through the funeral service that people can come together in shared grief and say goodbye meaningfully. If you are planning for your service in the future or that of a loved one who has recently passed away, then there are some things you should consider.

You need to choose the leader of the service, such as a priest or the funeral director. You also need to assign who will talk in front and read comforting passages or poems. Other things to consider are the refreshments, the music, and the personal touches such as the pictures or flower arrangements.

How people can pay tribute

Traditionally, people bring flowers, condolence cards, or personalised funeral stationery from FuneralStationery4U to funerals to express their grief. However, some people choose to have mourners donate to a charity or cause that the deceased cared about.

This is usually included in the obituary of the person, stating that instead of flowers, the family or the deceased would like people to donate in the person’s name instead.

Planning a funeral or a burial is no easy task when you’re in grief. However, it’s something that must be done right for people to say farewell in the best way possible. The deceased’s life must also be focused on so that the remaining friends and family members can take comfort in the happiness of memories.

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