Personalizing and Making Your Self-care Routine Just Right for You

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More and more people nowadays are becoming aware of self-care and practicing it for their well-being. But not everyone seems to be able to make it work for them. Even when they do the same activity, people have varying levels of success. If you’re one of those people who fail in their attempt or you haven’t tried it before, the following are some pointers on personalizing your self-care routine.

Get to Know Your Priorities

If you want your self-care to be effective for you, then you have to know yourself and your needs first. What works for someone else isn’t sure to work on you unless you know that it is one of the things you prioritize. Make yourself a list of the activities and things in life that will make you healthy as well as fulfilled. Ask yourself what you want to become and what you want to do while you’re still alive. For example, if having healthy, beautiful locks is what you need for your confidence, then a visit to a hair studio is in order.

Incorporate It into Your Schedule

The best way for you to start practicing self-care is to begin including it in your everyday activities. When you do so, you’ll eventually make a habit out of it, making it hard for you to forget it. See which activities you can do along with the ones that are already in your routine. For example, you want to be able to drink more water within the day. In that case, you can commit to doing it after every activity, or after you go to the toilet, or whenever you start to feel thirsty.

Exercise Patience

One of the reasons why many give up on new self-care routines is they expect a big change to happen in a short span of time. You have to remember that it’s not some magic cure that instantly makes you better, but rather a gradual adjustment of your habits. And these habits, as you commit to them, will lead to a higher sense of well-being. If it seems like you’re progressing slowly, or you can’t seem to stick with it outright, don’t give up just yet. Give yourself a little bit more time and patience. You’re likely asking it from others, so why can’t you ask it of yourself?

Correct if You Need to

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Sometimes, you’ll find that some of your self-care actions won’t fit you or your situation. Allow yourself to make adjustments so you’ll be able to better commit. For example, your goal is to do a certain number of sets of certain exercises, but you find that you can’t reach that number yet. You can try to reduce it temporarily and focus on being able to do it consistently, then work up to your original goal as you get used to it. For now, it’s more important to get you doing self-care regularly.

The key to personalizing your own self-care routine is to know yourself and your needs. Once you do that, everything else follows. All you need now is the commitment and the patience to see it through.

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