Natural Materials to Use in Your Home Design

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The interior and exterior design of your home is important. If your home is not well designed, it can be difficult to live in, and it can end up feeling like a consuming space. Natural materials can help you create a space that you can love and enjoy every day. Good home design is all about functionality. You do not just want rooms and areas to look good; you need them to perform well too. Thinking about how you use the rooms in your home and then really thinking about what good design means to you will help you get the most out of natural materials.

Making Use of Wood

There are lots of varieties and types of wood that you can use in your home, for example, you could use reclaimed oak or pine. To correctly make use of wood in your home, you need to plan out the project and then find the most suitable wood type. For example, if you are constructing something within your home, you may want to use oak as it gives you extra strength and support. However, if you are finishing an area off or adding to an area – such as adding kitchen cabinets, you may wish to use pine as it is a much more versatile product to work with. When you are making use of wood, it is important to establish where it was produced (where it originated from) and also what processes it has been through. Some wooden products and materials can be already treated, and others can be left in their natural state. Thinking about the look and feel you are going for will help you find the finish that is best for you.

Top tip: Wooden materials and products can be expensive to purchase, but they can last if they are treated well. Sanding down, staining, and painting wooden materials each year can help prolong their shelf life.

Introducing Stone

Stone is a lovely material to incorporate into your home, and you will find that it can be added in many places. For example, you will find you can have stone countertops, or you could have stone flooring tiles. Stone is a material that can be buffed, dry mopped, or left in its natural state. It is often light in color, so it can be used in most rooms. When you are looking at introducing stone, always think about where you are purchasing from, and what quality the stone is. You want to invest in solid materials and not those that are going to feel weak or brittle.

Wicker and Rattan

If you are looking to add additional textures and mediums to the interior of your home and boost the design, then why not look at adding wicker and rattan? Wicker baskets or rattan chairs can be strong, sturdy and long-lasting. Rattan and wicker products can be found in most rooms of the home. For instance, you could have wicker chairs in the bedroom, or you could have a rattan set in the kitchen diner. Wicker and rattan products can be stained, or they can be painted, which means they are highly versatile.

Looking at Bamboo

Often found outside in the garden, bamboo is a natural material that is powering ahead. Bamboo canes are quick and easy to grow, and they are strong yet flexible. Bamboo can be used in furniture, or it can be used in home items and accessories, and you can even find kitchen utensils made from bamboo. When you are looking at bamboo, it is important to consider how it will be used. If an item is being used every day, such as a bamboo chair, it may need an extra layer of protection to keep it looking at its best.

Deciding What Materials to Use, When and Why

bright colours on the wall and dark tiling on a kitchen

Once you have committed to using (and introducing) natural materials into your home, it is important that you decide what will be used and where. For example, are you going to have more natural materials featured in the kitchen? Or are you looking to create a new look in your bedroom or living area? If you decide to introduce natural materials into your whole home, then you may want to start by focusing on one room at a time. Thinking about how frequently a room is used and then considering why you are using a material will help you create spaces that not only feel wonderful but feel fit for purpose too.

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