Kitchen Maintenance: Looking After Your Fridge

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The fridge is arguably one of the most important appliances is on our home – think about it, can you imagine life without it?

It keeps our food stored and fresh, which is something that most of us take for granted. But if we don’t take a little time and consideration to look after our refrigerators properly, then they can end up not fit for purpose, which is the last thing you want.

We’re going to look at the ways to keep your fridge in the best condition possible. This way, your food will last longer and taste fresher, which is exactly what everyone wants. Avoid hiccups and wasting time and money on groceries with these simple tips.

Troubleshoot Issues Immediately

As soon as you notice any issue with your fridge, act upon it straight away, as you don’t know the extent of the matter. It may appear that the light just isn’t working, but in turn, the temperature may not be reaching 40° F as it should. It could be a major hazard, particularly with meat, as it could become unfit to eat without you even realizing.

So if your fridge is leaking water (click the link for tips on how to fix this) or is making an unusual sound, then don’t just ignore it, as there could be more to it. The longer you put off fixing the fridge, the worse the problem could get.

Although it’s tempting to leave the issue alone for as long as possible, it’s not worth putting you and your family at risk.

Deep Clean

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Every couple of months, your fridge needs a deep clean. This means removing the contents of it (you can put it in a cool bag) and taking out the shelves to then wash them with hot soapy water. This is also a good opportunity to check all the use-by dates of everything you have in your fridge as if anything has gone over, it probably won’t be fit to eat.

If you leave your fridge for a long period without cleaning it, it could become dangerous as the likelihood of it developing serious mold is higher.

Don’t forget to also empty your freezer while you’re at it. Despite many people having a 2-in-1 fridge-freezer, most of them forget all about removing any ice that’s built up over months (or even years) Freezers with lots of ice won’t be as efficient and will also take up valuable space. And if your fridge has started to build up ice, that’s yet another red flag that you need to investigate the issue.

Never Overcrowd the Inside

If you put too much produce in the fridge, air cannot circulate. The circulation of air in your fridge and freezer is what keeps it cool and dry, which is essential to keep it edible.

You’re also more likely to waste food if you can’t see everything that you have in there. The last thing you want is to find some wilted lettuce or expired cheese pushed to the back of the fridge after spending your hard-earned money on your groceries.

So next time you do your “big shop” of the month, be sure to keep this in mind and don’t overdo it.

It’s much better to step out to the shops more regularly and keep your supplies topped up rather than buying too much in one go. Alternatively, shopping online and having your groceries delivered may be easier. You could also consider meal prepping – simply set aside a day to do a big batch of cooking and buy some containers that stack easily and fit neatly into your fridge. You can freeze some of these containers or keep them all in the fridge for a week of fuss-free meals.

Create Order

If you arrange your fridge in a way so that you know when you need to eat certain foods, you don’t have multiple bottles of the same condiments in there, and you know where each food type belongs then it will be much more organized and easier to navigate. This, in turn, will make it more straightforward to clean when it comes to it, with less to contend with. This doesn’t take long to sort out and it will make everything appear tidier.

You’re also less likely to buy something you don’t need mistakenly, as you’ll be able to see clearly that you already have some in the fridge.

With these easy steps, what’s behind your fridge door will look better, smell better and overall, your fridge will perform better. Don’t forget, if there are any major issues with your fridge, it’s best to get expert help rather than tinkering around and potentially making matters worse. Keep your fridge in good condition, so it can do the same for your food.

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