Light and Intense Routines You Can Perform With or Without Fitness Equipment

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Eating nutritious food is a massive part of living a healthy lifestyle, but aside from that, physical exercise is also essential. With commercial gyms closed off to the public to prevent the spread of the virus, you only have limited places to perform your routines. The key to having a fit physique is through a combination of regular light and intensive workouts.

When you do your exercises religiously, you can make any place suitable for achieving your fitness goals. To start your training sessions at home, you can do the exercises below with or without exercise equipment.

Hit the Treadmill

Depending on the intensity level of your workout, running on a treadmill for an hour can help you burn up to seven hundred calories. Hitting the treadmills aids in managing your weight, builds and tones your muscles, and makes you strong enough to take on more challenging workouts in the future. Some treadmills also come with various resistance levels, plus workout plans. These functions make it a great piece of equipment that can help you monitor your stats, choose intensity levels, and select the perfect routine, especially when you’re only starting in your journey to fitness.

Tone Your Core Muscles

The standard for a fit and toned figure often features a flat stomach, and numerous exercises can help you achieve it. Core muscle exercises are essential to help you achieve a well-defined six-pack. Not only does core training give you a toned abdomen it also improves your balance and stability, which you can benefit from when accomplishing your daily activities. Ab exercises, like planks, situps, crunches, and squats, are the typical workouts that can help you strengthen your core.

Burn Calories With Cardio

For something that isn’t as complex as other workouts, the goal of cardio exercises is to make you sweat a ton and shed off the extra weight. Cardio workouts can be performed without gym equipment, making them highly convenient and helpful in weight management. Like running on the treadmill, you can run around your neighborhood, jump rope, do burpees, ride your bicycle, or swim and burn excessive amounts of calories, which can help you achieve your health goals faster.

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Enhance Stamina via Strength-Building Routines

After reaching your target weight, you should focus next on building your strength. When you improve your strength, you also enhance your stamina and endurance, helping you withstand more demanding routines in the future. Muscle exercises are the basics of strength training, so the best you can do to make your workouts more effective is using dumbbells and other equipment. Since this type of workout tends to be intense, you should also wear proper bodybuilding workout apparel to stay comfortable.

Make Exercise Fun Though Dancing

Some activities, including exercise, are more fun when accompanied by music. As a way to lift your mood and burn calories, you can choose to perform your routines alongside your favorite tunes, or you can make dancing the focal point of your cardio. Dancing requires full-body movement, and as you match various motions to the beat of a song, you execute fast and slow actions that will make you break a sweat. And since music is a natural mood booster, instead of feeling exhausted as most workouts tend to do, you’ll feel more energized and motivated.

Do Full-Body Workouts

Full-body workouts will have you sweating buckets throughout your sessions, but it is not good to do them all week. Although regular exercise is vital in maintaining a fit and healthy body, rest is also imperative, given that your muscles need time to recuperate, especially after intensive routines. For full-body exercises, it’s best to perform them at least two to three times a week to get the best results. You can also perform HIIT workouts, particularly if you don’t have enough time for a long cardio session. With HIIT, you get to burn almost the same amount of calories as with your other routines.

Perform Your Routines Amidst Nice Sceneries

Accomplishing challenging routines is already exhausting for the body, which also makes it stressful for the mind. To treat yourself while still sticking to your goals, you can perform your routines surrounded by a pleasant environment. For instance, you can jog in a park, explore trails, and do exercises in your garden, where you can smell the fresh and sweet scent of flowers and other plants.

You can also incorporate mental and physical workouts into your routines, such as yoga and Pilates, both of which are incredibly beneficial to your mental health and body’s flexibility.

Your health is the only thing that you can rely on to safeguard you from different health threats. During this pandemic, where your immune system protects you from various infectious diseases, the least you can do is eat healthily and faithfully stick to your physical exercises.

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