Ideas to Make Your Bedroom as Relaxing as Possible


You accomplish many things in your bedroom. It is where you do some reading when time permits. It is where you accomplish projects for classes if you’re a student or take-home tasks if you’re a professional. When you feel like retreating into a private space to either recompose yourself or simply relax, you go to your bedroom. And, of course, when the day ends, and it’s time to rest your body and soul, the bedroom becomes your sanctuary.

With those things in mind, it’s only logical that your bedroom remains as relaxing as possible. Well, at least that’s the ideal. Now, how might you ensure that bedroom theory translates to bedroom practice? Here are some pointers to consider.

Apt furniture

It begins with what you put in your bedroom. Your choice of bedroom furniture should be suited to the available space. You should not squeeze in a Rihanna inspired California king bed if you have limited space to work with. Doing so would mean compromising walking space and space for other essential furniture pieces, such as a work desk. Remember that when it comes to beds, performance outweighs size.

As to bed frames, choices run the gamut. If you’re gunning for a zen-y cum rustic feel, a wooden bed frame’s your best bet. Outfit your bed frame with memory foam, and you’re all set for the kind of sleep that will put Shakespeare’s Juliet and Princess Aurora’s sleeping prowess to shame.

Proper lighting

Surely you’ve seen those scenes of dinner dates from movies where the lighting is always on point. That is thanks to cinematographers like Emmanuel Lubezki. But you do not have to be an Academy award-winning cinematographer to light your bedroom properly. You need to know the basics.

And here’s the basic; soft lighting is what you need. Stay away from harsh white lights. Go for soothing yellow or mellow blue lights. That is unless you need to work and stay awake. This is where lighting variety comes in.

Ideally, your room has multiple light sources you can choose from depending on the occasion. Think hot red lights for when it’s sexy time.


Sufficient air circulation & air conditioning

Just because your bedroom happens to be your private cocoon does not mean it should be shut tight from the outside world 24/7. From time to time, you need to allow air to come through, except, of course, during winter, when doing so might give you frostbite.

Sufficient air circulation maintains air quality in your bedroom. It ensures that allergens, dust, and other microscopic particles do not accumulate within an often enclosed space. You might also want to purchase an air humidifier to make sure the air circulating in your bedroom is not stale and dry. Both conditions are bad for your skin and respiratory system. They also exacerbate flu symptoms.

As for air conditioning, you need just the right temperature. That is most crucial when it’s sleep time. Our body needs to cool down to ready itself for La La Land. The ideal bedroom temperature for sleeping is around 65°F (18.3°C).


Marie Kondo’s not a fluke. Her wisdom about our need to declutter actually makes sense. If something does not spark joy, why must you keep it? Give it to charity, and it might spark joy in someone else.

Also, a spare but comfortable bedroom is always better than one packed with things whose purposes you are no longer sure of. These things, as they are, consume metaphysical energy, too. That surplus energy could be of benefit to you.

So if you have time to spare, use it to KonMari your bedroom. Or, if you’re in the process of building a bedroom, be mindful enough not to overload it with unnecessary things.

The famed fashion designer, Vera Wang, was once quoted, saying, “My bedroom is my sanctuary. It’s like a refuge, and it’s where I do a fair amount of designing — at least conceptually, if not literally.” Meanwhile, acclaimed poet Carl Sandburg speaks of bedrooms this way: “There are bedrooms you like to remember and others you would like to forget.”

If you wish to follow in Vera Wang’s footsteps and have your most inspired creative pursuits in your bedroom, or, at the very least, if you hope for your bedroom to be memorable to guests in a good way, it’s time to give it a makeover. If the makeover yields no genius idea or positive remembrance from someone you’ve cuddled with on your bed, at the very least, you know you’ll have a good night’s sleep Martha Steward would approve of.

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