Home Makeover: Interior Design Combinations

a cozy living room with pastel colors as its theme

Your home is your sanctuary. It’s the place where you can recharge after exhausting days. It’s the shelter you can escape to when the chaos outside becomes too much to bear.

Having a beautiful home to get stuck in during this pandemic can be the silver lining that your mental health needs.

Not everyone gets the opportunity to have a mansion. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have a beautiful home. Just like the sweet pairing of personal space and freedom, here are four combinations that can turn that four walls into an aesthetic wonderland.

Comfort and Elegance

The balance between living comfortably and inspiring elegance should be the priority on your checklist. You have to make it aesthetically inviting so you’d be excited to come home and comfortable so you’d be content with staying at home.

Letting your body drop on a bean bag couch after a full shift can be relaxing. But it can also make your home look like a frat house. Getting that Chabudai (Japanese short-legged table) can help you get your Zen on. But placing it in the middle of a western sofa set can be alienating.

The key is to choose a theme and work around it. Get J-shaped couches with curved corners to get optimum sitting capacity without looking cluttered by multiple individual chairs. Getting one centerpiece carpet for your living room instead of having a lot of chairs can also be a good way to make your house more stylish without compromising your comfort. And most importantly, follow a color palette for everything. Your walls, floors, furniture, and décor should all be within one main color but varying shades.

Pro-tip: Getting into horticultural fashion and having a lot of plants in your home can be great for both your interior design and your health. Having plants inside will help your oxygen intake, making you feel more comfortable than ever, and the greens and flowers are natural beautifying agents.

Antique and High-Tech

Nothing oozes style more than antique furniture. Wooden masterpieces on your house scream elegance and sophistication. Let wooden tables, cupboards, cabinets, and even doors tell stories and add identity to your design. By getting most of your big pieces at thrift shops, you’d be saving enough to buy additional beautiful antique décor at authentic furniture stores.

But don’t forget to mix the old with the new. The more rustic a piece of furniture looks, the more value it has. But it’s the opposite for appliances. The technological development this world has seen makes it possible for you to have an independent, borderline self-aware vacuum cleaner. Many appliances are also starting to have “smart” in their names, from refrigerators that can keep track of expiration dates and recipes to thermostats that can be adjusted through your oral orders and even play music.

Getting the perfect combination of sophisticated old-fashioned aesthetic and modern-day technological convenience will surely make your home the stuff of legends.

Sentimentality and Functionality

Humans thrive through the inspirations induced by our memories. Whether it’s a reminder of what once was or a promise for a better future, your worldly possessions usually contain the stories that built your identity. But your sentimentality of the past and the future must not affect how you function at present.

Much like comfort and elegance, sentimentality and functionality are two factors that usually oppose each other. However, with the right hands, they can turn into an extremely beautifying aspect of your house.

You need to distinguish the difference between reminiscent and messy. Find the thin line separating remembrance from clutter. If you haven’t used it for the past two months and you have no plans of using it for the next two, then storing it away could open up space for new and better memories.

Space and Light


Last but not least on this list is the combination of space and light. Nothing makes a house more beautiful and welcoming than lots of natural lighting. Pair that with enough space to breathe, and voila, your haven is complete.

Getting multiple wide windows and brightly colored walls can take all the darkness away. Place a mirror in front of the window, and the light reaches more space.

Pro-tip: Mirrors can help in making your home look more spacious.  Once you’re done with decluttering, add life-size mirrors on your walls.

Last note

Using these perfect pairs to beautify your home can help you find the perfect balance in your life. Keep in mind that you don’t have to do it all at once. You can adjust your pace as you go. Just remember that in interior design and all the other aspects of your life, the perfect combination will always be consistency and determination.

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