Happily Ever After: Tips for Popping the Big Question

Man hiding engagement ring behind him before asking the woman to marry him

You have been dating for quite a while, and now, you are ready to pop the question and ask her hand for marriage. So, you are thinking of ways to make it extra special. But where do you start?

You must be thinking of ways to make the event big. But planning a wedding proposal is not as easy as you might think. Luckily, we have some exciting ideas to help you make your proposal more memorable. Here are a few tips for sealing that “happily ever after” you have been dreaming of.

Go for an affordable ring

Given how the economy fluctuates these days, looking for an affordable wedding ring is a good option. You can chat any of your partner’s friends to get clues on what she likes. Asking the opinions of your partner’s closest friends will give you an idea of what she truly loves.

Remember that your partner will wear this piece of jewelry for several years, so it is best to do your assignment to make sure that you get it right.

Pick a memorable location

Try to relive the first time that you met your partner. It could be in the restaurant where you had your first date or the park where you had your first kiss. Going back to that special place that you both share to make your proposal will make her feel that your relationship is indeed going to the next level.

Know the perfect timing

Timing is everything especially if you will be proposing to your special someone. So, you need to make sure that your schedule is on point so that you can do everything that you have planned.

Take a good look at your partner’s calendar and choose a day where you are both free. In addition, it is best to pick a day that would not conflict with any of your responsibilities.

Create a foolproof plan

Man asking woman to marry him onb bended knee

Coming up with a game plan requires your utmost attention to detail, as well as your creativity. You need to think about what kind of proposal you want to happen and what your partner will most likely appreciate. It can be as casual, crazy or romantic depending on your partner’s personality. It is best to create a solid plan that will cover every detail of the event.

There are times when things do not go as planned. So, ensure that you always have a backup plan ready in case something happens. Did you arrange someone to pick her up at a specific time? What if something happens and the car doesn’t arrive on time? You need to have a plan B for it and leave no room for any error.

These are only a few of the things that you need to consider when planning a marriage proposal for your soon-to-be forever partner. Just tell what you want as it is and be honest with what you feel. Stay focused and do not let the nerves get the best of you.

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