Giving Your Body a Break with a Much-needed R&R

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People nowadays are too hung up on the “hustle culture.” They keep romanticizing being overworked and underpaid as if those are good qualities to be proud of. You can even see them boasting about how they work long hours and don’t get enough sleep before they have to return to the office to do all of it over again.

But this kind of mentality has to be stopped because it’s hurting people’s mental health and causing them to burn out faster than ever. This societal pressure to keep hustling is instigated by the previous generations and how obsessed they were with earning money to build a brighter future.

However, what use is having a lot of money for the future if it costs you your health and sanity now? Instead of devoting all your time to the present to build your life in the future, you need to start living at the moment. Once in a while, allow yourself to forget your responsibilities for a bit and just be.

Give yourself a moment to breathe and be in the right headspace before you jump back to facing the responsibilities weighing on your shoulders. You won’t be of much use to anyone if you’re burned out and functioning on fumes alone. And you should never wait until your body is at its breaking point before you start taking care of it. So, here’s how you can show it some extra love:

Hair and Nails

Your whole body deserves to be taken care of, but you might want to focus on your hair and nails first. For this, you can go to a full-service beauty salon and have everything you want to be done. Don’t worry about the costs for once, and just allow yourself to enjoy getting pampered while you relax in the salon chair.

This could be the perfect opportunity to make a change to your hairstyle, especially if you’ve always had reasons to postpone it before. As long as your profession and lifestyle will allow a dramatic change, you can dye your hair a loud color, get a perm, or have it straightened. You can also get an undercut or have it all shaved off if you want.

The next part is your hands and nails. Your hands are probably the most used part of your body because they are what you use to hold and touch everything. Many people usually don’t take the time to do hand and cuticle care, but on this day, you might want to show your hands some extra loving because they do most of your work on other days.

hair salon

Body and Muscles

Your body is a temple, but it just becomes a means to an end on most workdays. However, your body deserves to be cared for and rested as much as you do for your mind. So, what you can do is make a trip to the spa for a body scrub or get a masseuse to work out all the kinks in your muscles.

Don’t wait for your body to give out before you start taking better care of it. Every single day that you’re out and about, you use your entire body to accomplish your tasks, travel to places, or perform your functions. And sometimes, even a full night’s sleep won’t be enough to give you the rest your body needs.

That’s why you should get a massage at least once or twice a month. The hands of experienced massage therapists can do wonders for your sore muscles, so don’t miss out on its healing benefits. Besides, it will only take up two hours of your time at most, which means you’ll have at least two hours to let your body relax and let your mind wander freely.

Face and Skin

Of course, caring for your whole body means taking care of your face and skin too. This would be the right time to head to your dermatologist or trusted esthetician for your regular facial session. If you’ve been having any skin problems such as dryness or acne breakouts, now would be the time to consult with your doctor.

Your usual skincare routine would be enough for regular days, but since you’re already going the extra mile to take care of your body, you might want to splurge a bit more on your face and skin. Take this chance to restock on your favorite skincare products, too, so that you won’t run out just when you’re back to regular programming.

You don’t have to have a reason to start taking care of your body. Much like the concept of taking mental health days, you can also take personal days just to care for your body’s needs. Doing so won’t make you appear selfish or egotistical, but it will prove that you love yourself enough to take breaks when you can no longer perform at your peak condition.

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