Five Times DIYing Your Window Replacement Is a Bad Idea

More and more Americans are becoming do-it-yourselfers generation after generation. According to HomeAdvisor’s 2017 True Cost Survey, 60% of millennials don’t hire professionals. In comparison, just 56%, 47%, and 46% of Generation X homeowners, baby boomers, and the Greatest Generation members, respectively, are willing to get their hands dirty. Mistrust of pro contractors stemming from unfair pricing is the number one reason the population of DIYers is growing.

Although some home improvements can be pulled off without professional assistance, window replacement isn’t one of them. When getting new windows from Salt Lake City-based retailers such as Peach Building Products, it’s unwise to try to be a hero. Here are the five common dangers of skipping professional installation service.

Botching the Job

First of all, this project has a steep learning curve. In Utah, a contractor needs to secure a license issued by a state agency to install windows legitimately. You need specialized skills to carry out the job properly, efficiently and safely. Also, you need to have adequate knowledge of construction elements as well as the latest building codes.

Without formal training and sufficient experience, you’ll likely make mistakes that decrease your home’s energy efficiency at best and compromises its structural integrity at worst. To get things right the first time, leave your window replacement in the hands of the right crew.

Causing Accidents

Window Replacement

Windows are deceivingly heavy. A single mishap can result in serious injury and severe property damage. Handling bulky glass fixtures requires extra caution to keep them in one piece without hurting anyone or damaging anything else.

Voiding the Warranty

Windows come with a product warranty covering manufacturing defects like premature sealant breakage. However, don’t assume that the warranty will bail you out in case of failure. If the investigation reveals that the cause of the problem is installation-related, you’ll be left holding the bag. In the end, you’ll probably buy a new unit and hire someone qualified to avoid the same headache.

Having No Workmanship Guarantee

If you install your replacement windows yourself, you’ll absorb the blame for workmanship errors. But if you hire a professional, you won’t have to live with this risk. When the installation is subpar, you’ll just call the crew about it to have the problem unit fixed at no cost to you.

Wasting Money

Forgoing professional service to cut costs is a perfectly reasonable motivation for DIYing window installation. But you probably won’t save a lot of money when you factor in the purchase of materials the project demands. For instance, you might need new lumber to fix a broken frame opening. If you don’t have tools, you’ll likely need to buy a power drill, a caulk gun, safety glasses and other installation essentials. When the cost difference between DIYing and hiring a professional isn’t that significant, logic says to go with the latter.

DIYing your window replacement may be tempting, but you ought to plan it objectively from start to finish. Considering that your project’s success will improve your home on practically all levels, don’t skimp on professional service to ensure faultless installation.

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