Beating the Clutter Away From Your Home

Cluttered space

Clutter has a way of sneaking into one’s home. When they become unmanageable, they can creep into a person’s head. Before this thing happens, a thoughtful homeowner must put a stop to it. But, sometimes this is easier said than done. How can one win against this sly foe? Here is a rundown of some ideas to have a clutter-less home.

Bring In an Ally

Have you tried all the decluttering strategies you know to no avail? An intuitive interior designer can do wonders for your Salt Lake City home. Careful space planning can help to maximize the areas in your home. Your professional ally can help you come to terms with some truth.

Maybe you do not need as much furniture as you first thought. Or the cabinet that caught your eye is more of a dust accumulator than a storage space. Having another person who has extensive skills look at your home can change the game. Your home will have smart and beautiful pieces once the work is done.

A Change of Perspective

Embracing the minimalist perspective can help in decluttering your home. Ask yourself if you really need something or is it an out-of-the-whim decision. This simple question can reduce the number of your possessions real quick.

This is not to say that you should bring in no keepsakes to your home. But, be smart about choosing memorabilia. If it is possible, have them small or make them functional. For example, you can bring in an anchor-shaped clock from your latest beach trip. Then, hang it in the bathroom. Better yet, have loads of fun on this trip. Then, bring home memories with you.

OI, OO Strategy

Out of the many decluttering strategies, you can benefit from the ‘One In, One Out’ Strategy. Before letting an item enter your home, make sure that you are ready to give away or donate a similar one. This will keep the number of similar items in check.

For example, if you have set your eyes on a beautiful sweater, can you think of a particular sweater that you can let go of? Your answer should be a resounding yes. If you want a new set of dinnerware, then be gracious enough to let your old one go to another home. Because in reality, how many sets of dinnerware do you need?

Bend Some Rules

White office shelves with stationery

You do not have to freak out from every little sign of clutter in your home. In fact, to keep your sanity intact, allow a little clutter. Having a junk drawer for essential rooms in your house will help. These little “breathing spaces” will help you keep clutter in check without you having to go crazy. You do not have to spend every waking hour making sure that everything is aligned perfectly.

Never Raise the White Flag

Sure, you will have days when your house is pristine and clutter-free. But, you will also have days when your house will resemble a true warzone. The idea here is to keep going. Decluttering is a habit and an art, as well. Keep at it until such a time that it becomes very natural for you to keep clutter at bay.

As life goes on, clutter will keep on coming. But, the best recourse is to go one step ahead of it. Everything will eventually fall in their rightful places.

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