Easy Plans to Creating a Family-Friendly Home

Having kids is complicated as your home will often feel like a warzone if you don’t constantly clean and pick up after them. However, the key is to make an easy plan for a family-friendly house. You can designate certain areas for playtime, studying, and bonding so the rest of your living space doesn’t overwhelm you. Let’s discover more.

Comfy and Durable Furniture

Any family-friendly home needs to have perfect new furniture. It should be comforting and cozy enough to help with bonding time. However, it’s also important to keep it clean, and that’s not an easy plan. You must pick the right materials and fabrics to avoid a big mess. Hardwood is great for coffee and dining tables because it’s durable.

Just make sure to purchase models with smooth edges or baby-proof in case you have small children. Cotton is the best fabric because it’s the easiest to clean. A cotton sofa cushion can be thrown into the washing machine for a quick rinse. Leather is low maintenance, but it needs to be of excellent quality, or it won’t stand the test of time. Once you pick the right things, you must figure out how to place them around your house.

For example, a couch that can turn into a bed with a few simple steps is great for movie nights, so that should go in the entertainment or living room. You should also be ready to have a ton of versatile storage, but you’ll see more on that below. Remember to be open to colors and textures because brightness improves child development.

A Fun Crafting Corner

All children benefit from a crafting corner, and you can too. Any extracurricular activities will help them develop and can be fantastic for bonding. However, no one wants kids running around the house with paint and glitter. Creating a special corner with all their art supplies is much better so they can dedicate time to their creative passions without causing a big mess.

This space can be set up so you’ll teach your children where to get things and how to store them back up neatly without much supervision. It’s an excellent opportunity to help them be more independent. Still, you need them nearby, so many parents opt for a space near the kitchen. It’s also convenient because you’ll be near sinks and water if something needs cleaning.

An easy plan for creating a crafting corner is picking a sturdy but lightweight table and chair for your child. Storage is also necessary, and it should be plastic and have separate areas for different paints, brushes, Play-Dough, glitter, etc. You can keep crafting and coloring books in this spot for easy access. Just remember to buy kid-friendly art supplies, keep rags and soap nearby, and try to buy a kid apron. You may not be able to prevent all messes, but it’s much better to try.

Spill-Resistant Fabrics

As mentioned above, fabric selection for almost anything in your house is essential. You’ll be able to create an easy plan for cleaning if you pick the right options. Some upholstery and clothes can be stunning but are terrible to clean. You don’t want your new couch to get ruined by a simple mistake.

The best upholstery fabrics are synthetic microfibers, which are the easiest to clean and durable. Natural fabrics are just as long-lasting but much harder to wash. Cotton and linen are stain-resistant, but many parents consider slipcovers for their furniture if they choose this option. You must also pick materials that won’t get mildew over time due to moisture from frequent spills.

Hire a mold testing service if you’ve seen signs of it in your house. Another spill-resistant fabric is faux suede, which can be cleaned with a washcloth. Aged leather is also a good option because it doesn’t quickly absorb the spills. However, this material will require some treatment each year to keep it in top shape. Vinyl is another good choice, although some people hate it.

A Fun Outdoor Patio

To create a family-friendly home, you have to think practically, but you should also consider what your loved ones want. Bonding time can happen in many ways, and it’s a good idea to vary different activities that your household can enjoy together. An easy plan is to make a fun outdoor patio where your children can play while you can supervise comfortably. A pool is always great, but many homes need a comfortable space nearby to sit and watch.

You add clay tile flooring and outdoor furniture for family-oriented space. Some people add a barbecue. An outdoor dining area is also a perfect idea, and it can be an extension of your kitchen to make things more convenient. It’s also important to add technology, so you can play some music and have internet access. Anything that will encourage your household to stay outside and keep having fun will work.

You also have to consider protecting your family, so many people add a patio roof or a pergola in some areas to shield themselves from the sun. You can also buy beach umbrellas for the pool chairs. Think about including perfect lighting outside as well. The party shouldn’t stop when the sun sets.

Creative Toy Storage

A family-friendly house needs as much storage as possible because it’ll make picking up after your children and other loved ones so convenient. You don’t need to buy space management systems, but getting furniture with storage options is an easy plan. For example, some sofas and coffee tables are designed to have cabinets.

You can also create more storage spots with DIY creativity. For example, an old bookshelf can become a toy storage unit. That way, you won’t have to discard or buy anything new. It’s an eco-friendly solution. Toy nets are also in style nowadays because you can place teddy bears and other lightweight toys in them. It’ll help your rooms seem less cluttered because nothing remains on the floor, taking up space.

If you don’t have that much room to buy particular options, you can use what’s already there. Under-the-bed storage is always a fantastic idea, especially with rolling bins, so your children just need to pull and push. An organizer behind the door for shoes will free up space in the closet, but it can also be used for other things, like toy cars.

An Interesting Garden Space

You already know that a fun outdoor patio could elevate your home into the best family-friendly space possible, but you can do more than that. A fire pit is an excellent option for a gathering at night, but some people buy the kind that can be turned into a table. Therefore, you can have a dining space when the fire isn’t on.

However, outdoor activities aren’t enough to create a nice family area. People won’t like being outside if the garden isn’t pretty enough. Landscaping contractors can work with each homeowner to create an easy plan for the property’s flowers, bushes, lawn, and other plants. It doesn’t have to be a big production. Make sure there’s enough greenery and color to make people smile, and some pathways for each area will also work great.

The great part is that you can get funky with your garden. If you have children, you may want to buy toy jungle gyms and other colorful stuff to make your backyard even more fun. Any contractor can help you design each spot so nothing gets damaged and there’s cohesion even in the funkiest places.

An Exciting Play Room

Aside from a craft corner, your kids need a great playroom. Ideally, assigning a specific spot for your children to play is supposed to keep the rest of the house from getting cluttered and messy. You don’t want to step on a toy car while doing the laundry. You can easily slip and fall that way, especially with hardwood floors.

Vacuuming a LEGO piece can destroy your machine, so giving kids their space is much better. Some parents like to make each kid’s room a playroom, although that could be a problem for kids who don’t sleep well. You can still have that with an easy plan for designated areas. For example, one corner of the room could be the make-believe corner, where you keep costumes, hats, makeup, etc., so children can create their own stories.

The third corner could be the reading area or the LEGO table; this will help you keep books and toys in the right spot. Depending on what your child enjoys, another spot could be used for racetracks or a vanity table. Remember that you’ll need to have storage in each of these spots to keep things organized. Always pick washable materials; they should be durable but not too rough.

A Beautiful Art Wall

You will never truly feel at home without decorations. Some may consider them unnecessary, but having empty walls is not family-friendly, especially if you have children. There’s a reason why kids grow up and put posters on their walls. Everyone likes to be surrounded by the things they like. As an adult, you can do something similar with beautiful wall art. It doesn’t have to be Smithsonian-level or elegant or expensive.

The art should represent something you enjoy. Pick a theme you like, such as movies, and frame the promotional posters to hang them together. Some people love road signs, so they have them around the house. You can also frame your children’s drawings and display them. This will encourage them to keep their creativity up and give them a sense of belonging.

An easy plan for wall art can also mean decorating with pictures of your family over the years. Some people have their houses inundated with adventures, milestones, and more. There’s nothing more family-friendly than that. It’s just important to choose something you love and create a beautiful space. You can even mix and match real art with drawings and family photos.

A Repurposed Basement

Having a room in the house that no one can enter due to damage, flooding, or misuse is a terrible waste of space. Therefore, the easy plan is to reuse your space and create another family-friendly spot for bonding. Naturally, you’ll need all the appropriate renovations, so hire the right businesses, like a foundation repair company and a basement waterproofing company. A basement could be great for an in-home bar, a bigger television, and even a pool table.

Remember that being family-friendly doesn’t just mean caring for your kids. It’s about creating spaces that encourage more bonding with your loved ones. Basements are often overlooked and become storage or laundry rooms for most people, but that’s a waste. Make it safe with all the necessary repairs, and consider what environment you want to create.

It can also be an additional bedroom for guests. These days, many kids stay with their parents far longer, so it could be used for an adult child. An in-law suite is also a good idea. Some people even add a bathroom and a kitchen to the basement. When all your children move out, you can make some extra income by renting it.

A Towering Treehouse

Consider adding things that will become special memories. A tree house symbolizes simpler times when children were always outside playing with their neighbors. However, it can also be a great place for siblings to bond. Parents can join the fun as well.

Go to the building supply store and talk to an employee about making a tree house. Naturally, you can hire experts, but many people like to make this a DIY project. Just consult with the right people on choosing a good tree, building codes in the area, and what materials to get. Remember, it doesn’t have to be a tree house that sits at a huge height.

It can be close to the ground and still count as a tree house. You can watch several tutorials on how to make one, and you can also buy a blueprint or building plan. Hire someone if you don’t feel confident because you want your family to be safe.

Now that you know the easy plan to create a family-friendly home, it’s time to take action. Call landscapers and all other necessary contractors because you won’t be sorry. Aside from giving you peace of mind, following these ideas will help you create memories you’ll cherish forever. Start changing your house today!

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