College Outfit: What to Wear as a Freshman

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First day as a college freshman is always exciting, and slightly nerve racking. You’re not only surrounded by new people, but it’s an entirely new environment, too. One of the best ways to get over the nerves and make the most of the campus experience is to put together a killer freshman outfit and look your best every day of the week.

Super Stylish Freshman Outfits

Yes, you can always just put on a shirt and jeans. But that reliable fashion pairing isn’t always going to inspire you or get you going. As a freshman, you’re likely going to do a few papers, which could be resolved through a good research paper writing service. A college outfit that totally kills is a great way to boost your energy; when you feel good, you’re able to do more.

Even if you have a limited wardrobe, some creativity and a bit of inspiration is going to help you come out of your dorm like you were made for a fashion blog.

Here are just a few of your options

Teaming Up with Jeans – The first Choice

If you plan to go for a classic look, ripped jeans will be the best choice. Jeans paired with a crop top can be a wonderful choice for girls. Find a cute crop top and wear it with high-waisted jeans that make you look skinny with long legs. Adding an accessory, like a necklace and a cute bracelet, will amp up simple pieces. When the weather permits, rock your jeans and tee look with boots.

Guys can pick a flannel shirt with jeans. It’s comfortable and makes you look fashionable. A flannel shirt for men is available in various colors and prints. It goes best with a white tee and black jeans.

Mixing Classic with Modern Silhouettes

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Modern fashion turns an otherwise usual wardrobe into something eye-catching. It’s a freshman look that’ll make other people take you seriously. Why? Because it says you’ve got personal style. And what does modern fashion look?

It includes layering and mixing colors. For fall, try an oversized blazer with tapered pants and layer on a voluminous scarf. Alternatively, a boho dress with a simple trench and strappy shoes could work for those casual cool days. Carry a cool backpack to safeguard freshman gadgets and essentials.

For guys who truly have a unique sense of style, a modern dress may not be too controversial. Men dressing up in dresses goes back to Greeks and Romans. This modern style may not be ideal for conservative universities, so make sure you’re in the right school (without a dress code) before putting on an oversized sweater over a deconstructed skirt.

Dressed up with Elegance

Casual is the “official” style for most college wardrobes. But some events on campus may require a bit more refinement. If you’ve got formals or lectures to go to, you’ll want to look put-together. A blazer dress with a nice belt and ankle boots would work, or a floral skirt with buttoned up shirt and strappy shoes if you’re feeling a bit more ladylike.

For footwear, try long boots and classy accessories options, like a silky scarf or vibrant rings.

For guys, a casual blazer with a simple and plain white t-shirt in it are perfect. You can find a nice pair of black cuffed jeans for that gentleman’s looks. Finish your freshman style with a clean pair of white sneakers.

Streetwear on Campus

When it comes to streetwear, think roomy jeans, baggy pants and cool sneakers. Girls can do buttoned-down crop tops and guys can go for statement jackets.

You can add layers to every piece and get that hip-hop look that defines your style and proves that education is reshaping the fashion industry. Other comfortable options include wearing an oversized sweater or adding grunge by wearing a bomber jacket or shrugs. There are so many ultimate options that you can buy for your freshman wardrobe.

These are just some of the outfit ideas you could explore. When putting together your wardrobe, consider your schedule for the day. Are you going to an orientation? Make sure your comfortable and are meeting the dress core if there is one. Are you joining a study group later in the day? Try layers that will allow you to go from classroom to library to coffee house.

Look Your Best on Campus

Picking your outfits every day may be overwhelming, especially when you’ve got limited pieces and the changing seasons mean more outfits. Fortunately, you can manage your coursework and get help from reliable paper writing services. And your wardrobe may be planned for the week instead of the day.

But no matter what you wear, just be yourself. You’ll always be comfortable and confident when you’re wearing pieces that convey your personality.

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