How to Find the Best Driving Gloves (for Men and Women)

driving gloves
  • Wearing driving gloves reduces moisture, boosts grip and aids vehicles without power steering.
  • The best driving gloves are made of real leather, like sheepskin
  • Perfectly fitted driving gloves are a must
  • There are vast color choices to match your clothing preferences

Some people still think that driving gloves are an accessory for professional racers, but they are wrong. We believe that driving gloves are a must-have accessory for every driver.

Anyone who spends plenty of time driving should invest in a high-quality pair of gloves. A good pair of driving gloves will make the drivers more comfortable and give you more driving control since they can prevent the steering wheel from deteriorating. 

So, driving gloves improve the driver’s grip and wheel control, allowing them to respond faster. Gloves are required in summer and winter because they can help you with freezing and sweaty hands.

There are numerous driving gloves on the market, but what distinguishes the best ones?

If you want stylish and functional driving gloves, check out our helpful buying guide below to ensure you get the perfect pair.

Do Driving Gloves Make a Difference?

For starters, they make you look cool. However, their benefit isn’t only aesthetic – they enhance many aspects of the driving experience. Here is how they can help you:

They Preserve Your Car Interior 

The steering wheel, along with the car seats, is the most used car interior part. And we are sure that every car enthusiast likes everything to be spotless in their cars, including the steering wheel.

But you should know that the sweat and the natural oils on your hands can destroy certain materials, such as those on the steering wheel. Steering wheels covered in leather or wood in luxury vehicles can suffer greatly from these things.

Wearing driving gloves will maintain the wheel’s quality and ensure it stays in good shape. By investing in gloves, you will help your steering wheel retain its aesthetic and its resale value. 

They Grant You Control and Make You a Better Driver 

We know that modern steering wheels are not designed with slick materials and are thus easy to grip. However, when driving in hot weather conditions, it is unavoidable for your hands to sweat, making your steering wheel slippery.

Driving gloves combined with non-slip fabric will further improve your grip.

Sun-protective driving gloves easily deal with moisture and give you better stability and control over your car. Professional drivers must wear gloves to have greater control over their vehicles. And, even if you don’t drive professionally, there will be times when you will need that extra grip on your wheel, and driving gloves will provide just that.

They Eliminate Hand Fatigue

Long drives will tire your hands. Driving for hours with your hands constantly gripping the steering wheel can cause fatigue and injury.

Wearing gloves will protect and cushion the wheel impact, resulting in a more pleasant and safe driving experience. They will also prevent injury caused by gripping the wheel for an extended period. 

The pair of gloves reduce wheel vibration, resulting in reduced hand fatigue. Gloves also act as a barrier between your hands and the steering wheel, preventing abrasion.

They Give Comfort in Adverse Weather Conditions

Driving gloves will keep your hands cozy in cold weather. But don’t think that regular winter gloves will do the job. Sure, your hands will be warm, but winter gloves can be bulky, limiting gripping ability.

A pair of driving gloves is an insulator, trapping your natural warmth while keeping you unrestrained. 

Wearing gloves is smart in summer as well. During hot days, parking your car in the summer sun with a boiling-hot wheel is unavoidable. The driving glove will act as hand protection, making driving much easier.

How Do I Know My Driving Glove Size?

When searching for a good pair of car gloves, you should know your hand size so you purchase a pair that fits perfectly. The average person’s size for both men and women is medium, but that won’t cut it when it comes to driving gloves.

Driving gloves are sold separately to fit men and women. Gloves in the incorrect size will probably result in hand fatigue or even injury. 

The safest way to know your correct size is to measure your hand and apply a sizing chart to select the appropriate glove size. To find your size, measure your hand around the widest part of your palm, excluding the thumb.

Find your palm circumference using a measuring tape, starting from the space between your index finger and thumb. Wrap the tape around your palm and ensure it does not overlap at the starting point. The inches will help you pinpoint your glove size.

Men need to choose a small size if their hands are 7-8 inches, while women need a small size if their hands are 6-7 inches. Medium size is for men whose hands are 8-9 inches and for women whose size is 7-8 inches. Men and women will need large car gloves if their hands are 9-10 and 8-9 inches, respectively.

For 10-10.5 inches, men need to choose X-large size, 10.5-1 – 2X-L, 11-11.5 – 3X-L, and 11.5-12 – 4X-L. 

Should Driving Gloves Be Tight or Loose?

driving gloves

They should be neither tight nor loose. This may seem like an obvious answer, but believe us – nothing is worse than investing in a new pair of driving gloves only to discover you cannot use them because they are too tight or loose.

They will not help if they are not the correct size. What is more – they can make driving even more difficult. 

The most important thing when choosing driving gloves is comfort. It is best for gloves to be snug initially but stretch to fit the hands. So, for an ideal fit, measure your hands properly.

Things To Consider When Shopping For Driving Gloves

Every driver should choose gloves appropriate for their driving style and driving conditions. You will be prepared to choose the right pair for you if you consider the following things:


Driving gloves are mostly made of thin leather. However, they can also be made of faux leather materials like silicone, polyurethane, or vinyl.

Leather driving gloves will always be better than other fabrics due to the minuscule pores that aid grip. Leather gloves can be created from different types of leather, but certain types are innately better choices for driving gloves. The higher the price, the finer and more elegant the glove. It is best to go with natural leather for quality and comfort.

Let’s quickly go over the different materials to see which of the following will be the best choice for you:


This type of leather is regarded as the best leather gloves. However, driving gloves can be too thick to provide the needed sensitivity when on the road. Still, for some drivers, the peccary leather gloves will be the first choice because they are the most durable flexible leather gloves, which is exactly what many drivers like on a hairpin turn.


Deerskin can be skived thin enough to create strong, long-lasting leather driving gloves. However, some people may find them too thick – you’ll have to decide this for yourself.


These leather gloves are soft and functional yet elegant, and most drivers consider them a must-have driving accessory. This type of leather driving glove is versatile and can be worn with almost any outfit. The best thing is that sheepskin is a leather type that is water resistant, with thick layers that keep moisture at bay.

Lamba Nappa 

These leather gloves are perfect for driving since the Nappa finish gives the ideal balance of grip and soft texture without being sticky. These leather driving gloves will last long and remain comfy as they are created of smooth lambskin.


Regarding the leather driving gloves design, you should consider the type of driving style and weather conditions. And, of course, feel free to choose ones that fit your aesthetic.

Keep reading to find out what types of driving gloves you can buy:


The leather driving gloves can be lined with cashmere, cotton, wool, fleece, or another insulating material. The lining layer thickens and bulks up the driving gloves, so the steering feel, grip, and precision will suffer. However, if you plan to drive in exposed conditions in cold weather, lined leather gloves will be a great choice.


Unlined gloves are not as thick and heavy as lined leather driving gloves. If you choose this type of gloves, you will get a precise fit and a comfortable grip and feel. The stitching is done on the outside of the gloves to improve comfort.


These leather driving gloves have full-length fingers, wrist clasp, and circular knuckle openings. Perforations in the fingers are commonly used for ventilation. You cannot go wrong with this type of glove – they never go out of style.


Fingerless driving gloves provide less protection than full-fingered, but they come with a better steering feel and grip. These gloves offer amazing comfort and movement. It is best if they are made of sheepskin leather because that will make them naturally elastic, resulting in more comfort on long drives. 


The closure on leather driving gloves can be velcro or metal snap closures. Velcro is a popular choice, but you should know that sometimes it does not provide a good hold and may not go with every outfit as it gives a casual look.

In contrast, high-quality metal snap closures are more customizable and dependable while looking stylish and timeless. Choose a pair with two snap closure options to modify it easily.


Many leather driving gloves have ventilation holes along the fingers to provide continuous airflow. This, in turn, keeps the hands cool and comfy while reducing sweat. The subtle perforations improve ventilation, and the cooling effect will increase hand dexterity. 

Most leather gloves can have a bigger exposed area on the back of the glove, which can be woven-leather panels or cutouts around the knuckles. The perforations may run the length of each finger. Some leather gloves can have larger holes at the knuckles to allow the driver to grasp without being hampered by the tight material. Bare knuckles will emphasize the glove quality and provide additional contrast without being overpowering.

Touchscreen Capabilities

Do you often make phone calls while driving or access the digital infotainment display of your vehicle? In that case, a pair of touchscreen-sensitive leather driving gloves will be a smart investment.

If they are made of soft leather, these driving gloves will allow wearers unimpeded use of touchscreen devices with absolute dexterity. We advise buying the finest capeskin leather if you want driving gloves with touchscreen capabilities. 

Driving Gloves Women: What to Choose

driving gloves

Women can choose from high-quality leather and vintage fingerless gloves to complement their cars and outfits. The design options and colors are endless, making you want to buy more than one pair.

We wish more women wore driving leather gloves – they complete every woman’s outfit. They are a more masculine version of cloth gloves but are also nice and divine. So, next time you think about what to pack for trips, don’t forget your beautiful pair of luxury gloves. 

When deciding which material to choose when searching for women’s driving gloves, know that you can’t go wrong with a pair of leather gloves. Women’s leather driving gloves give off a sleek look that exudes elegance.

Leather gloves are an excellent way to improve any outfit while behind the wheel. But if you want your gloves to be the accessory that stands out, we advise you to choose a striking polka dot design that will pair perfectly with many outfits. If your style is edgier, you can always go for a fingerless, unique, yet classic design.

Driving Gloves Men: What to Choose

The driving gloves men like come in fewer color options, for a good reason. We strongly recommend black over the more common brown and white options for a sophisticated look.

And no, just because you are buying men’s driving gloves doesn’t mean you have to choose some masculine racing gloves. While slick motorsport mittens possess most of the features that help boost the driving experience, they are bulkier and thicker. That’s because they need to function as a safety device, protecting the wearer from injuries. You can wear a more classic style that’ll act as a stylish accessory and complete your modern outfits.

Every man will look attractive with vintage driving gloves. A pair of crochet back driving gloves are an excellent way to give your outfits a vintage yet classic edge. Just choose a pair designed from breathable cotton and soft leather.

Finally, if you are looking for luxury driving gloves, the crochet back patterns may not go with your outfits or car. In that case, men’s leather driving gloves should be your choice. You can always get more iconic pieces made from premium leather.

Wrapping Up: Are Driving Gloves Any Good?

Driving gloves are more than just a fashion statement for people who drive classic or luxury cars. They are useful for a variety of reasons.

For starters, quality driving gloves are a barrier between natural oils and sweat, steering wheel, and other upholstery. And yes, wearing gloves protects your investment if you own an expensive car. 

Driving gloves are usually made of thin leather and are designed for a firm grip, allowing a driver to have maximum control of the car. So, purchasing a pair of leather gloves with a classic, simple design and made of high-quality leather is always a good idea.

But, it is crucial to properly take care of your leather gloves by storing them horizontally to avoid creases. Also, keep them out of direct sun rays to avoid discoloration. And if you want your gloves to feel good and comfortable, you need to check the sizing of the gloves before purchasing. You may get away with ill-fitting winter gloves, but leather gloves require a nearly skin-tight fit to look good, so sizing is critical.

Following the mentioned principles will ensure that your gloves last longer.

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