The Unique and the Classic: Gift Ideas for Your Loved Ones This Valentine’s Day

Valentines gift from a woman

It may seem like the new year just started, but the next thing you know, it’s going to be February. Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and it’s a celebration that Brits take seriously.

In 2017, the Kantar Worldpanel report revealed that the sales of typical Valentine’s Day gifts, such as wine and boxes of chocolates, increased by £43 million compared to sales of the same during non-Valentine’s season. Meanwhile, research firm Lightspeed said 56 per cent of people in the UK think themselves romantically inclined.

The abundance of products, services and experiences available in the market today makes it a great time to be a romantic person. You have so many options in the Valentine’s Day gift department. But, if you, like many other people, have no idea where to start or if you are simply not a very good gift-giver, don’t worry. We have some Valentine’s gift ideas that will make a classic gift unique for the special people in your life.

For Him

It can be tricky to buy gifts for men, especially during Valentine’s. According to the independent comparison platform, British men (52.6 per cent) are more likely to not like the gifts they receive than women (41.4 per cent). One of the ways you can make your gift meaningful is by knowing what your man wants.

If he’s a classic guy, give him a watch or custom cufflinks. You can also put a twist by giving him a hard case organiser that can store the watch and cufflinks you’ll give, proving perfect for when he’s travelling.

If your guy is more casual, why not give him a new pair of headphones or everyday sneakers (in his favourite colour, of course).

Make it a gift for both of you by giving him wine. You can purchase a wine gift set for delivery in the UK to surprise your man. Your bottle of wine paired with a romantic dinner at home will make for a fantastic Valentine’s Day celebration.

For Her

Husband giving a necklace to his wifeMen aren’t the only ones who may be difficult to shop for. It’s important to know what your wife or girlfriend (or mum because who says Valentine’s is only for romantic partners?) wants so that you don’t regret your gift choice. Women typically express their emotions more openly than men – and you don’t want to see the disappointment in your partner’s face when they receive your gift.

Jewellery is always a classic choice, but it shouldn’t be just any piece that you spring for. Consider what your special someone would wear and then look into adding a personal touch. There are many online stores that let you customise pieces of jewellery. One of the most thoughtful gifts you can give, for instance, is a bracelet with charms that symbolise the most significant events in your relationship or that allude to inside jokes between you two. This is the kind of gift that’s both intimate and exciting to receive.

Another romantic gift idea for your girl is a star map. Choose one significant date in your relationship, whether it was the day you met, the first time you said, “I love you” or the day you said, “I do.” A map of the stars on that special day can move the woman in your life more than you’ll know.

Classic gifts for Valentine’s Day are great, but they’re better when personalised. Either way, gifts show your loved ones that they’re special to you and there’s no better time to let them know than on Valentine’s Day.

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