Prince on Disney: Disney Movies With Male Leads

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  • There are around 300 male Disney characters.
  • Simba and Tarzan are some of the most badass male characters around.
  • Sebastian Crab and The Genie are fan-favorite sidekicks. 
  • Li Shang (Mulan)  and Prince Adam (Beauty and the Beast) are regarded by many as the sexiest Disney princes.

Who says that Disney movies are just for girls?

Yes, a lot of Disney movies are primarily princess movies. But it’s also true that there are many male Disney characters too! Found in the lead and supporting roles, these male characters are often just as iconic as the princesses.

Do you want to know who’s the most handsome prince and the funniest male character? Let’s look at them – from the official Disney princes to all other leading Disney heroes.

You can follow the chronological timeline of Disney princesses,  and see the world where every Disney prince lives. Or just pick a Disney movie – it’s bound to have a great male lead!

How Many Disney Male Characters Are There?

There are around 300 male Disney characters across the board. Some of them star in live-action movies, and some of them are animation-only, but all of them have their value. Able to be both heroes and villains, male Disney characters are versatile and fun! 

Now in all princess movies, there will be a male character – lead or with a supporting role. But when it comes to the official ranks, there are only 10 official Disney princes!

Each official Disney prince has his princess and is part of one of Disney’s most famous movies. They have either been born as royalty, married into it or have shown great courage, which set their spot on this list. Do you want to know which ones they are? Check this list of official Disney princes, the princesses to match them, and the movie they come from:

  • Prince Florian (Snow White; “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs”)
  • Prince Charming (Cinderella; “Cinderella”)
  • Prince Eric (Ariel; “The Little Mermaid”)
  • Aladdin (Princess Jasmine; “Aladdin”)
  • Prince Phillip (Princess Aurora; “Sleeping Beauty”)
  • John Smith (Pocahontas, “Pocahontas”)
  • Flynn Rider (Rapunzel, “Tangled”)
  • Prince Naveen (Tiana, “Princess and the Frog”)
  • Prince Adam (Belle, “Beauty and the Beast”)
  • Li Shang (Mulan, “Mulan”)

Two Main Groups of Disney Male Characters

As we said, we’re not here to only talk about every official Disney prince. Instead, we’ll go through all of them! We’ve divided the male characters into human Disney princes and non-humans.

Human Princes 

Even though many male characters could classify as princes, only some do. Disney has strict requirements for its characters to be considered princes or princesses. One of them is having a human form.

The first Disney prince was Prince Florian. Out of the 10 princes, only two (Li Shang and John Smith) are neither royal nor marry into royalty. Seven of them were born into royalty, making Aladdin the only Disney prince that married into royalty. 


The non-human characters are some of the most popular ones out there. Some of them have a main role (Mickey Mouse, for example – yes, he is a Disney male character!) or just a supporting one (does a pet monkey named Abu ring a bell?).

Many of these characters are very relatable and sweet. This makes sense because it’s not about the gender or the species of the Disney character. It’s about the story and its lessons!

Male Disney Characters Who Were Badass

Now that we covered some basics, let’s dive a bit deeper. Have you ever wondered what the most badass male Disney character is? Well, let’s find out! Keep in mind that we’re going to be dealing with the main characters only.  


Has anyone not watched the “Lion King” or the “Lion King II”?

Simba is a favorite among Disney fans for a reason. He was forced to grow up early and face the real world, and even though he lost his father and was betrayed by his uncle early on, Simba rose to the challenge. 

He took on every difficulty and learned a lot of lessons along the way. He listened to his elders and their wisdom but kept his lively young spirit around. Because of this, Simba could protect himself and his people and come out on top. Plus, he made some awesome friends along the way, highlighting the importance of friendship!

Simba faced a lot of difficult situations and persevered. That makes him a total badass in our book! 


Aladdin is another story of selflessness and courage. 

Our hero is a poor yet kind thief whose love interest is the king’s daughter. Even though this would seem impossible for many, Aladdin does everything he can to get the girl. Still, he does so through bravery, charm (and the help of a Genie, a monkey, and that lovable magic carpet).

Once the sultan’s life is threatened, Aladdin risks everything to protect him and, by extension, all the people. Even though Jafar is a worthy foe, Aladdin wins in the end, reminding us again how important persistence and self-confidence are. 

Aladdin is both gentle and strong, and for that, he makes our list of the most badass Disney characters!



Is there anyone more badass than Tarzan?  

Born to a human family but stranded in the jungle soon after, Tarzan lived away from humanity. But when the humans arrive in the jungle, things start to take a different turn.

He falls in love with Jane, and even though she’s from a completely different place, Tarzan makes it work. He learns. He also introduces her to his culture. Finally, aside from facing evil foreigners, Tarzan also stands up to his father, once again proving he’s a badass. 

Tarzan’s story is a great lesson on self-love, respect, and human connection.

Male Disney Characters Who Are Dorky

OK, is anyone who doesn’t love a goofy male character (think Olaf in Frozen or the Genie in Aladdin)? Yes, they’re mostly supporting roles to lighten the story’s edge.  But that’s understandable.

Even though male leads are often very funny, they can’t quite carry the faith of the world on their shoulders and go about it laughing. So, other male characters are there to help and just be their quirky shelves.

Want to know which ones? Here are the dorkiest male Disney characters!

The Genie 

The Genie from Aladdin is a true comic-relief character. Aside from being a major plot-driving force, Genie is also funny and dorky. Even when faced with a terrible fate, Genie finds a silver lining. 

His various shape-shifting performances are extremely entertaining, as is his performance of “Friend Like Me.” Genie proved to be a true friend to Aladdin and taught us that having faith in others is worth it! 

Voiced by Robin Williams, a dorky icon by himself, Genie is one of the most-loved male Disney characters.

Timon & Pumbaa

“Hakuna Matata, what a wonderful phrase…”

You know it – Timon and Pumbaa are an iconic dorky duo! 

Even though they weren’t up for it initially, they still took Simba under their wing. They gave incredible support to him and were hilarious in the process. Their “Hakuna Matata” is still one of the most-loved Disney songs. Timon and Pumbaa are funny, brave, and wise in their ways.



The Little Mermaid just wouldn’t be the same without Sebastian Crab. 

His amazing singing voice and various performances are some things many of us still remember and love. Sebastian’s full name is Horatio Thelonious Ignacious Crustaceous Sebastian, which speaks further to the crab’s dorkiness and humor. 

Who Is The Sexiest Male Disney Character?

Now we’ve come to the real question – and it’s tough. Characters like King Triton, The Prince, Prince Philip, and Gaston are often considered the sexiest. However, every person seems to have their favorite.

We also couldn’t land on only one character, so we made a shortlist.

Li Shang

Shang Li is the male lead in Mulan and is considered one of the sexiest men in the Disney universe – inside and out! Set aside the gorgeous looks, sculpted body, and amazing fighting skills to go with it, he simply adored Mulan.

He supported her in her endeavors and didn’t act like the rest of the society that tried to push her into being something that she wasn’t. That’s sexy in our book!


Of course, we’d add Hercules to this list! How could we not? The man is an actual God! (demigod, to be precise)

His muscles and red hair live in our heads rent-free. Add to that his shyness around Meg, and … well, you get our point.

Prince Adam 

You may know Prince Adam as The Beast. Even though he’s a hairy monster during the movie, we can see the prince’s true form by the end. And it’s beautiful.

His luscious hair and proportional face, coupled with the kindness he showed Belle during her stay with him, are why he made this list.

Prince on Disney: The Conclusion

And there you have it – some of the sexiest, dorkiest, and most badass male leads Disney has.

But these are not all Disney offers. Watch other animated or live-action princess movies and find a dashing male lead. Movies like “The Princess Diaries” have characters that are not princes but can steal our hearts.

Fun fact: The Princess Diaries 3 was announced back in 2022! 

So what do you think? Of all the Disney princes and male characters, which one caught your eye?

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