Unique Options to Choose for Your Body After You Die

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Death comes to all of us in the end. It is nothing to be afraid of. Thus many people now are carefully planning out the things they want for the death of a loved one or even their own. Part of planning funeral arrangements includes what will happen to the body after they die. If getting buried does not appeal to you, here are some creative options that can be done to the body once you leave for the afterlife.

Become a Diamond

Companies offer to capture carbon from your ashes to heat and press to turn it into a diamond. Then, it will be cut according to specifications and sent to your loved ones. Depending on your choices, you can spend up to $25,000 for a diamond from your body.

Donate to a Body Farm

Body farms, or more formally known as outdoor forensic anthropology laboratories, are research laboratories where human decomposition is studied. These farms help law enforcers learn more about the decomposition timelines. Donated bodies are also used to train cadaver dogs for search and rescue missions.

Get Buried in a Mushroom Suit to Compost Yourself

If you are not impressed by the traditional burial and worry about the environmental toll on the plant, you can opt to be buried in a biodegradable Infinity Suit or Infinity Shroud. These are made from mushrooms and microorganisms, which are zero waste and help in decomposition. You may also opt for a biodegradable coffin or none at all.

Be Planted and Grow into a Tree

This option is quite simple. Your loved ones will choose a place where there is plenty of sunlight and dig a hole into accommodating the BioUrn that contains your ashes. Some proprietary growth agents, wood chips, and soil will be added. Days or weeks after being planted, a tree will start to grow from your urn.

Become a Part of the Ocean Habitat

Another option you can consider is to become a part of the oceans’ habitat. Some companies offer to mix your ashes with environmentally safe concrete and lower it into the ocean to become a reef or human-made habitat for the sea creatures.

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Be Cremated and Produce Electricity

There are crematoriums in Europe that capture heat from the natural gas from the cremation process and generate electricity. If you opt for this process, you are giving an electricity grid more life even after you passed away.

Donate to Medical Education

If you like the idea of helping students become better health care workers, it is also a good idea to donate your body to science once you pass away. These students will learn more about anatomy when they handle human cadavers. Likewise, human bodies are used by researchers to develop surgical procedures such as joint research and reconstructions.

Become Part of Firework Display

Some companies offer to pack your remains or ashes into fireworks. This way, you can light up the skies and have your ashes scattered into the air through an amazing display of lights and thunderous explosions. They offer different packages, and even their cheapest one available has gold tails, green peonies, and crackling dragon egg displays.

Have Your Ashes Pressed into a Playable Vinyl Record

Some people who love music can choose to have their ashes pressed and turned into a vinyl record with the music of their choice. Your record will come packaged with your birthdate and the date of your death. It can play a record for 24 minutes on each side, an audio recording, or a simple silence.

Death should not be feared. If you want to explore creative alternatives to being buried, there are now various options available for you. You can become a tree, an ocean habitat, or help science learn more about the mysteries of the human body.

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