First Date: 3 Key Elements of Sultry Eyes to Set the Right Mood

applying eyeshadow

A first date is always something to look forward to. Then, it can be unnerving thinking about your look, and wonder whether your makeup will set the right mood. Our suggestion is to go for sultry eyes to set an air of expectation. There is no need to worry because this guide has the best suggestions for you.

1. Eyelashes

Women find an eye makeup very challenging. If you are blessed with pretty eyes, all you need to do is accentuate the right features and you are all set. You can achieve sexy eyelashes with full body mascara. The right application creates a luscious look that will make it very difficult for him to look elsewhere. A luscious look requires plenty of formulas, but the outcome depends on how much volume you have in the first place.

If you’re not too impressed with the number of eyelashes you are born with, it’s best to go for volume eyelash extensions, which is easy to find in Las Vegas, by the way. It is possible to make eyelashes bold and beautiful by gluing faux mink, silk, or synthetic acrylic extensions. Pay attention to the curl when you choose a product. The curl should follow the natural curve of your eyelashes and the shape of your face.

A stylist can help you make the right choice. Be prepared to invest in quality product that would last for six to eight weeks. After all, two or three more dates could follow if you pull this off.

2. Cat eye

The perfect cat eye is irresistible and you can achieve it with the right angle. Take a reliable waterproof eyeliner pencil and find the imaginary line from the edge of your nostril intersecting with the outer corner of the eye. The wing should fall right on the mark. Make sure the liner is as close to the lash line as possible. It is not too much trouble if you want to make a great impression on your first date.

Take care not to mismatch angles and make sure the slant is similar for both eyes. Go sultry or go without makeup and the cat look will catch his eyes.

3. Healthy eyes

close up of woman's eye makeup

You can learn to make the perfect cat eye and find the best eyelash extension money can buy, but you might end up bungling it if your eyes are red and tired. Eyes are prone to irritation and dryness. If you do not sleep as long as you should, your eyes will droop and the lines around it will still be visible under the foundation. If you want to make a good impression on a first date with sultry eyes, you need to take care of your eyes. Good health captivates and your eyes mirror the state of your body.

We know you want the first date to be wonderful and unforgettable. Remember to accentuate your eyelashes with the best eyelash extensions you can find, create the perfect cat eye, and bring the look together with optimal eye health.

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