7 Gift Ideas Kids (and Even Adults) Will Love

daughter and father opening up gifts

Gifts are usually given to show appreciation. They may also be offered to celebrate a milestone and make the day extra special. They’re expected during birthdays, graduation, weddings and holidays. Kids are likely rewarded in the form of gifts when they get high grades or achieve a goal, and the best gifts of all are those given just because.

Luckily, giving gifts to kids is easy with plenty of toys available in the market. But it’ll be nicer if you look for something that both kids and adults will love. This way, you can allow the parents to enjoy the gift, too, making it something for them to bond with.

To help you out, below are some gift ideas that kids and even adults will love:

  1. Slot Cars

Slot cars are usually given as a kid’s gift. Yet you’d be surprised to find out that adults enjoy having them in their homes as well. Many kids dream of having their own collection of slot cars they can display or race with one another.

If you’re giving a gift to a kid with a parent who’s a kid at heart, then slot cars, like the Carrera racing slot cars, would be an ideal gift. This would also work perfectly if they’re motorsport fans; you can give them a miniature size of a popular team’s car. It can either be an eye-catching toy or a great display for their dad’s office desk.

  1. Amusement Park Tickets

Kids always love to go out and wander. To give something more magical than a walk to the park, you can get them tickets to an amusement park that’s safe and appropriate for their age.

When choosing which amusement park, check if it’s filled with fun activities for both adults and children. It should also be accessible even for those without cars.

It’ll be much appreciated if you’ll purchase enough tickets for the family so that the parents won’t have to worry about buying their own. Don’t forget the siblings. This idea may be pricier than the others in the list, so you might want to check out coupons, sales, or promos when purchasing the tickets.

  1. Indoor S’mores Device

Camping is fun for kids, but some don’t enjoy being out in the dark. What’s for sure is that all look forward to making s’mores over a campfire.

To let kids enjoy this delicious treat without making them go out in the dark, you might want to consider giving them an indoor s’mores device. With this, they no longer have to wait until dark or build a campfire to create s’mores, as they can easily pull out the machine and make one of their own.

Adults will surely enjoy this as well. It’s also a great conversation starter when guests come over.

  1. Tickets to Show

Apart from tickets to an amusement park, you can give tickets to a kids’ show. This allows them to see more of the world and learn along the way. Besides regular kids’ shows, such as plays and musicals on ice, expose them to different forms of art, such as theater, violin, or ballet recitals.

They may not be fond of it at first, but once they see how great the performers are, they might be interested in watching more or learning a new skill. This is also a memorable bonding experience for the family.

  1. Playful Bed Sheet Set

Bed sheets would always be a gift appreciated by parents. However, kids might not truly enjoy something plain, and they cannot appreciate clean sheets just yet. You can make this functional gift into something fun by choosing a playful design.

For example, you can purchase a bed sheet that uses a bar of chocolate as its main design and a wrapper as the duvet cover. It’ll feel like sleeping on a chocolate bar, making every nighttime fun and exciting.

  1. Kinetic Sand

One way to enhance a child’s creativity is by letting them play with plain objects and make something out of them. Instead of the usual blocks, why don’t you try gifting kinetic sand?

With this, they can build anything they want, from skyscrapers to cakes and anything they can imagine. Adults can also enjoy this gift, as it allows them to try something new and creative with their child.

  1. Outdoor Swing Set

After being cooped up at home because of the pandemic, people love the idea of anything outdoors. There are many outdoor toys on sale, and one that both adults and kids will surely enjoy is an outdoor swing set. It’s something they can play with any time of the day. An unexpected bonus is it can boost curb appeal when placed in the front yard.

The Perfect Gift


Looking for the perfect gift idea for kids maybe a piece of cake because of the numerous options as well as the fact that most children are easy to please. It can be quite tricky though if you’re looking for gifts that adults would also appreciate.

With the list above, you’ll surely find something that’s fun for all ages and will bring a smile to someone’s face once they open the box.

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