Practical Questions to Ask Before Choosing a Wedding Dress


The typical woman dreams about her wedding day and her wedding dress. She envisions herself clad in white. The eyes of the groom and guests are fixed on her. But real life is not that easy. In reality, choosing a wedding dress is one of the most difficult aspects of the preparation. If you are a soon-to-be-bride, here are some questions to make the search easier.

Will I Blend In?

In choosing a dress, you have to think of the location. For example, interesting wedding venues in Kent give different styles and impressions. Blending in may be the last thing in a bride’s mind on her wedding day. But imagine wearing a ball gown type on your beach wedding. Or a revealing wedding dress in a cathedral wedding.

Chances are that you will receive negative feedback from guests. You would not want this kind of negativity on this day. Also, your photographs might not come out well. You would literally be not picture-perfect.

Thus, when choosing a dress, consider your venue. Better yet, have a venue that can embrace different styles. Think of somewhere elegant, carefree, and classic all at the same time.

Will I Stand Out?

A wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime shot to stand out among the crowd. Research on different styles that fit with your skin tone and body type. Consultants in wedding boutiques are more than glad to assist you in this area. Also, ask some trusted family or friends in picking the right dress.

You also have to be mindful of getting the correct size. A beautiful dress can showcase you well when it fits like a glove. Do not skip fitting sessions. Lastly, pick a dress that speaks your style. Are you a princess by heart or a free-spirited gypsy? Find something that seems to be made only for you.

Will I Be Comfortable?

Wear it and forget it. Pick a dress that you do not have to check every minute. Choose something that you will not trip over. One very useful tip for choosing a wedding dress is to sit down while you are at it. Most women fit a potential dress, stand in front of a mirror, and fall in love with it.

What they forget to consider is whether they will be comfortable in it if seated for a long time. What if they need to go to the comfort room alone? Will they get lost with all the fluff? Also, it is very romantic for your groom to sweep you off your feet. But it isn’t nice for him carrying you on a flight of stairs because you cannot move by yourself. Think of mobility when choosing your dress.

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Will I Not Break the Bank?

Every element of your wedding has a budget. Your wedding dress is not an exception. Before given any choice, be upfront with how much you are willing to shell out. This way, you will not get brokenhearted about finding something good but not being able to get it because it is not within your range. Be practical about it. You can be beautiful without sacrificing your savings.

Will I Be Happy?

At the end of the day, the choice will be up to you. Some brides fit a dress and know by instinct that it is the one. Some take a long time before getting it right. Trust yourself in this. Just like when you found your soon-to-be-husband, when you find the perfect dress, you will know.

A wedding dress is more than an article of clothing. It is a symbolism of a dream coming true. Go and get the one meant for you.

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