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Prepare for The Wedding Day: What Every Bride Should Know

The days leading up to your wedding day are full of joy. However, if you don’t prepare, the days can be full of stress, too. To avoid feeling hectic before your wedding day, there are a few ways you can be ready. That way, you can fully enjoy your day without worry.

An Essentials Kit

You do not want to run around your wedding day asking your friends for items you need. It would be best if you had a bag you can leave with one of your bridesmaids that contains all of your essentials. You should have a big bag with your basics, such as your phone charger, your lipstick, safety pins, a sewing kit, clothes tape, mouthwash or mouth spray, a facial spray bottle, and a water bottle among others.

While this may not be in your essentials bag, you should also have a comfortable robe ready for when you get your hair and makeup done. You can make it fun by getting matching robes for your bridesmaids.

Buy Your Dress Early

You should buy your dress at least six to nine months before your wedding day. That way, you have an ample amount of time to look for the perfect one. It also gives you enough time to get any alterations or modifications done to it.

You should take pictures of yourself wearing any dresses you like so you can compare them at home. Make sure you search for dresses in your area, too, because you never know what you will find. For instance, you can look for bridal dresses in Orem to see what online and real-life shops appear. Do not forget to get nude and seamless underwear to go with your dress so it looks perfect.

A Spa Day

When everything comes together, the stress can pile on you. You do not want to have tight muscles or a spotty complexion right before your wedding day. You should set a spa day a few days or a week before your wedding day to give yourself enough time to unwind and get pampered. You can make it extra fun by inviting your bridesmaids.

Prep Your Meal

When your wedding day arrives, you quickly realize that you do not have time to eat. You will be busy getting ready or greeting and speaking to all of your guests. It will be rare when you get the chance to sit down and enjoy your meal. To avoid this, you can ask your caterer to pack a meal for you. That way, you can eat once all the festivities are over. Do not forget to ask for some of your cake, too.

Break in the Shoes

You might have bought brand new heels for your big day. However, many people forget to break in their shoes before they walk down the aisle, and the last thing you want is to think about your aching feet all day. Unless you are wearing flats, you need to break in your shoes before your wedding day so they are comfortable enough for you to walk around.

You need to prepare for your wedding day to make sure everything goes smoothly. Remember the tips above to be ready.

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