Woke Up Like This: Cosmetics As A Pandemic Essential

This pandemic has affected us in many ways we did not expect. The global economy and our individual lives have been trying to adjust to the changing times. We have been staying home to try to ward off the spreading virus. Due to this social isolation, many of us have been starting to feel like every day has been dull and boring. How can you bring excitement to your everyday life?

Are you someone who has always been sticking to neutrals when it comes to makeup? Why not try to be more creative during this pandemic to add more excitement to your everyday looks? Trying out creative looks can refresh your everyday outlook and your perspective towards your current situation.

Documentation of your makeup looks can also be good content for your social media accounts! What looks do you want to try during the pandemic? How can you achieve creative makeup looks?

Creative Tools

The COVID-19 situation has changed the world of beauty and cosmetics. Some people have avoided using makeup because they want to let their skin breathe during this time of anxiety, but that doesn’t mean you can’t do your own thing. Here are ways how you can explore your creativity through dynamic makeup looks!

Are you interested in doing full makeup once in a while? A makeup look isn’t complete without the hair. Your healthy and voluminous tresses can make or break your whole makeup situation. Find a good hair salon near you to help complement your makeup looks during this time. Just make sure to follow health protocols while you are there!

If you have limited eye shadow palettes, it might be time for an upgrade! Browse reliable makeup reviews online before purchasing to make sure you are ordering good quality makeup. Besides eye shadow, you should also consider buying new makeup brushes if you have been using yours for a while now. It is only hygienic to clean and even replace your makeup brushes now and then to avoid bacteria from getting into contact with your skin.

The next thing you need to find is a good makeup vlogger on YouTube! Creating content about makeup, such as tutorials and product reviews, has been popular in recent years. Due to this trend, there are now many YouTube channels that offer this type of content that you can take advantage of. These videos are offered for free, so imagine learning new makeup tricks without spending on makeup classes!

These are some things you will need to jumpstart your pandemic makeup journey. Feel free to add more things to your makeup kit to help you achieve the looks you want.

Recent Makeup Trends

Even before the pandemic, several makeup trends arise every year. 2020 and 2021 are no exceptions. Here are some trends that you can try this year to upgrade your makeup skill set.

If you are into bursts of color, you might want to try the multi-colored eye makeup trend! You can try this by pairing contrasting colors on your eyelids, which is a great way to experiment with colors. Also, the chances are high that you are only staying at home, so you don’t have to worry about making mistakes and looking odd outside! To succeed in this trend, you can also learn the color wheel to understand color relationships. This can improve your color choices.

Calling eyeliner fans! Try out the colorful lower-liner makeup trend! Copy this look by using colorful eyeliner or even simply your eye shadow. This is a fun way to bring your eyes out while wearing a face mask.

For the more advanced makeup artists out there, why not try the animal-print eye shadow trend? This might not be for the fainthearted! Trying this trend is a bold way of expressing your creative side, so be careful! Nevertheless, even beginners can try this out because everyone is free to express themselves however they want!

These are some trends you can try out during the dull moments of your quarantine life. While we know that makeup is a fun way to stay creative, why is being creative important during this time?

Value of Creativity

Expressing ourselves is a healthy way to relieve stress. We live in a difficult time. Each of us needs to find ways to cope with the current situation by getting into hobbies and pursuing creative interests. Makeup is simply one way to express ourselves. There are many ways to express our creativity to the world.

Given the current situation, many of us have been struggling with mental health issues such as depression. The good news is that creative expression can, indeed, increase happiness. It also appears that being creative can boost your immune system.

These are only some ways that creative expression can benefit us during this global health crisis. Enjoy the various ways you can experiment with cosmetics. There are many ways you can enhance your facial features by using makeup. Just make sure to take care of your skin after to avoid skin problems due to clogged pores.

Don’t let anyone keep you from experimenting with makeup if this is your way of creatively expressing yourself. No one should have the power to dampen your creative flow. It is your right to express yourself creatively.

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