Beyond the Screen: Getting to Know the Cast of Outer-Banks

  • Officially, Chase Strokes and Madelyn Cline ended their offscreen relationship. The actress is happily dating the lead singer of a band called North of Nine.
  • Madison Bailey modeled for Rihanna’s beauty line Fenty Beauty. The actress added another experience worth mentioning in her CV.
  • Rudy Pankow and Madison Bailey are sweethearts on screen, but they’re just good friends in real life. The rumors about them dating are false.
  • The Outer Banks season 4 release date is still undetermined. It is expected somewhere between May and August next year.

Outer Banks debuted in April 2020, reaching the top 10 TV shows on Netflix within a week. It was a solid show underpinned by talented and charming actors that stole our hearts for 3 seasons.

The media reported that the show witnessed great success. According to recent Netflix data, the last season of the show reached millions of hours viewed. That explains the fever for the romantic actors who get tangled in their pursuit of treasure with their true loves.

All are interested in getting to know the actors behind the scene. Those who want a peek into their routines, daily habits, and relationship with the characters, will find this article entertaining. The Outer Banks season 4 release date is scheduled for sometime between May and August next year. Until then, let’s dig in on the scoop about the characters and the Outer Banks cast.

Outer Banks Cast


Chase Strokes as John B

People recognize Chase Stroke for his role as John B, the handsome young boy who cuts his way to meet his goals regardless of the challenges. Alongside, he has a beautiful, loving, caring, and supportive girlfriend, Sarah Cameron, who turned out to be his girlfriend even after the set lights went off. They saw each other for over a year but ended their relationship in late 2021. Chase’s current relationship status is single.

Life behind the scenes is different from what we’re used to seeing in John B. Chase’s real name is James Alexander Chase Stokes, and he is an American actor. In the TV show, Chase plays the role of a teenager, but in real life, Chase Strokes’ age is 28 years old. However, his youthful spirit and overall look allow him to capture the role of the bold and driven John B.

Like any other actor from a popular TV show, his fans would recognize him and call him John B instead of his real name, which is flattering for any actor. John B actor Chase says he knows he made his mission because the character continues to live off the screen. This means that he nailed the role, which is something every actor finds flattering.

Our John B actor, Chase Strokes, currently works on a romantic movie called ‘Marked Men.’ He shares the set with the Viking star Bjorn or Alexander Ludwig.

Madelyn Cline as Sarah Cameron

Madelyn Clune, or Maddie among her friends, did not debut with Sarah Cameron. She starred in other TV shows and movies before Outer Banks, so it wasn’t her first time in front of a camera. She played in other successful movies like ‘Stranger Things’ or ‘Knives Out.’

However, what seems to be a first for her is getting recognized on the streets by fans. Maddie had a moment even right after the first season of the show when some fans approached her and asked her to take pictures. Today, 3 years after the first season’s premiere, Maddie has taken millions of pictures with her fans.

On another note, she realizes herself as a businesswoman. Despite her acting career, she’s also an entrepreneur with her own set of beauty makeup. She has an Instagram audience of millions of followers which allows her to pursue her dreams as a boss lady.

As mentioned, she used to date Chase, but they ended the relationship in 2021. As of July 2022, she’s dating North of Nine’s lead singer Jackson Guthy.

Madison Bailey as Kiara Carrera

Madison’s love for JJ, the charming and supportive attitude toward him, can be felt over the screen. She really is the girlfriend that should be kept and never let down. One of the reasons Madison managed to depict or capture the love life between her and JJ is because she is actually in an inspiring relationship. Her romantic partner is Mariah Linney, a basketball player.

Some similarities are noticeable between Kiara and Madison. They both love music, and Madison currently tries to get back to playing her ukulele. On the other hand, both Kiara and Madison, in real life, are light-hearted, joyful, and supportive of their friends. She ensures to appear in any Outer Banks Cast interview and share more of her identity.

Behind the screen, Madison is a model, and she joined the Fenty Beauty family, which she greatly enjoys. We also have to mention that the talented Madison Bailey will appear in ‘American Horror Stories’. Social media-wise, Madison is mostly present on Instagram.

Jonathan Daviss as Pope Heyward

Pope Hayward is the mastermind of the operation, therefore, a crucial link in the crew. The Outer Banks Cast cannot go without him on screen or behind the camera.

Jonathan Davis is a 22-year-old actor who saw the rise of his career because of his role as Pope Heyward. His character is responsible, diligent, and hard-working, focused on maintaining the opportunity for a scholarship so he can study at the most prestigious universities. However, he also doesn’t want to lose touch with his friends, so he must help them.

The actor is currently focused only on his acting. His Instagram profile shows he’s having a great time with the cast of Outer Banks, but not a hint of a girlfriend. His fan base group reported that he’s actually seeing actress Sierra Capri, but the relationship is not official.

The actor is on his way to enriching the Jonathan Davis movies and TV shows category on IMDB. Specifically, after Outer Banks, Jonathan Daviss worked on a movie called ‘Do Revenge’ where he worked with Camila Mendez, the actress we know from ‘Riverdale.’

Rudy Pankow as JJ Maybank

From the Pope Outer Banks actor, we move to JJ Maybank. Well, the relationship between JJ Maybank and Pope is not the smoothest. We saw Pope develop feelings for Kie, try to save her, and even spot jealousy until they finally became friends.

Although JJ Maybank comes out as cold and distant, fearing intimacy, at the end of season 3, he finally confesses his feelings for Kie. As far as we know, they are very good friends in real life. Kie is happy with her girlfriend, while Rudy Pankow is dating Elaine Siemek – a photographer working on the set.

Apart from Outer Banks, Rudy Pankow worked for ‘Space Waves’ which scored a rating of 8.1 on IMDb. Rudy also had the opportunity to work with the mega-popular actor Tom Holland on a movie called ‘Uncharted’ that premiered on 18th Feb 2022.

This 24-year-old actor from Alaska nearly attended culinary school, but fate intervened. And if you are wondering how tall is Rudy Pankow, that would be 6 feet.

Austin North as Topper Thornton

Austin North portrays Topper Thornton, one of the main characters in the series. Topper Outer Banks character is in love with Sarah, but his possessive love pushes her away, making her turn to John B easier. Austin really captured the elitist Topper – charming, serious, and pretentious. However, beneath the mask, we see the vulnerable side of Topper, his self-doubts that originate mainly because of his mother, who constantly mistreats him.

Eventually, we can all agree that Topper may not have been our favorite character, but we cannot deny that the actor nailed the role of Topper. This explains the many searches and interests in Austin North Movies and TV shows.

The year 2023 is going to be a huge one for Austin, as he has 3 upcoming movies. One completed was ‘Beautiful Disaster’ , one in-production called ‘One Fast Movie’, and one in post-production called ‘Beautiful Wedding’ – the extension to Beautiful Disaster. So, in a nutshell, 2022 and 2023 are booked for Austin.

This Disney Channel star doesn’t seem like he’s currently dating anyone. His last reported relationship was with Sadie Robertson in 2018.

Charles Esten as Ward Cameron

Honestly, if it wasn’t for Charles’s portrayal of Ward’s character, the director would have had difficulty finding a matching person to pull it off. It might come naturally to him as he plays in mystery and adventure movies like ‘The Sleepwalking Killer,’ ‘Tell Me Your Secrets,’ or ‘Nashville.’

Charles said this was one of his most exciting roles, full of adrenaline moments. Sadly, his character got killed, so we won’t see Ward in season 4.

If you are his fan, he’s working on a documentary about Nashville singer Elizabeth Cook. The actor will turn 58 this year, and he’s still counting more Instagram followers than an average teenager. He is happily married to Patty Hanson Puskar, his college sweetheart.

Drew Starkey as Rafe Cameron

Drew had a difficult task when he had to interpret the character of a villain in this category. We all know that Rafa is considered the most merciless character in the show. However, Drew Starkey doesn’t necessarily view Rafe as a villain.

Born in 1993, Drew has extensive cinematography where he nailed characters of various genres. On a personal level, Drew is officially single. Unofficially, he’s inseparable from his friend, Odessa A’zion. None of them confirmed if there is a romantic interest between the two.

Caroline Arapoglou as Rose Cameron

The Camerons are declared enemies to the Pogues and John B. While Rose was not the most active character during seasons 1 and 2, she built her way up as a villain in season 3. Nonetheless, many believed that Rose was just a passive antagonist, but over the seasons, her character significantly raised her voice and took action against anyone willing to step in the way of her family.

Caroline, in real life, is so much different than Rose. Unlike the antagonist in the story, Caroline is much more focused on helping others, especially animals. Apart from Outer Banks, Caroline worked on other successful movies like ‘Stranger Things’ and the mega-popular “The Walking Dead”. Currently, there is no information about her working on a specific project.

Elizabeth Mitchell as Limbrey

Limbrey is one of the underdog characters who caught all her fans unguarded during seasons 2 and 3 with an unexpected plot twist. Elizabeth seems to have mastered the character of Limbrey, who is not an easy character and role to interpret.

The older generations will definitely recognize Elizabeth from the millennial TV show ‘Lost.’ Elizabeth used to work for big TV shows like ‘The Good Doctor.’ Genre-wise, Elizabeth has a finesse for adventure, mystery, or horror movies or TV Shows. She nailed her role in ‘The Purge: Election Year.’

In her personal life, she was married to the actor Chris Soldevilla, but their marriage ended in 2013. She has one kid, Christopher Joseph Soldevillar, JR, and is currently single.

How to Watch Outer Banks?

Outer Banks is available on Netflix, the platform where it first debuted, where you’ll find all the seasons. However, some people may struggle with Netflix and look for a cheaper streaming platform.

Outer Banks is available on many streaming platforms. With the proper VPR, you can safely watch wherever you are. The streaming platforms have a few downfalls, like low picture quality or troubles with the audio. Therefore, we suggest using a reliable site where you can watch the show with no obstructions.

Netflix is by far the best way to watch Outer Banks. Plus, you can download the app to your mobile devices and watch the show wherever you are.


For some reason, questions like ‘Chase Stokes age,’ ‘ Drew Starkey age,” or “Drew Starkey movies and TV shows” are quite common Google searches after ending a TV show. But that means only one thing – the fans are hooked and want to learn more.

After the great finale of season 3, we were not immune to the inspiring OBX cast, and we needed more on the characters and the actors interpreting them. What’s the latest scoop and what to expect in Outer Banks season 4? 2024 is going to be a big year for the entire cast of Outer Banks, and we cannot wait to see the plot in the new season.

OBX season 4 release date is scheduled for next year, and we will have to be patient and follow the news till then.

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