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How Does the Surrogate Process Work?

The surrogate process is a method of assisted reproduction where an individual agrees to carry a pregnancy for intended parents who are unable to conceive or carry a child themselves. Here’s a detailed look at how the surrogate process works, including understanding surrogate cost factors.

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1. Initial Consultation and Screening
The surrogate process begins with initial consultations conducted by a surrogacy agency or fertility clinic. Intended parents and potential surrogates are screened for psychological, physical, and financial stability.

2. Matching Process
Once approved, surrogates and intended parents are matched based on preferences, legal requirements, and compatibility. Many agencies facilitate these matches, ensuring that both parties share similar expectations and agreements on key issues such as prenatal care and the level of contact during the pregnancy.

3. Legal Agreements
Before any medical procedures begin, legal contracts are drafted by attorneys specializing in reproductive law. These contracts outline the rights, responsibilities, financial agreements, and future relationships between the surrogate and the intended parents. It’s crucial that both parties agree to the terms to protect their rights and define parental custody before the baby is born.

4. Birth and Post-Birth
The delivery plan is established in advance, and it typically includes arrangements for the intended parents to be present at the birth. After the baby is born, the surrogate mother’s legal rights to the child are terminated, and the intended parents assume full legal custody.

The total cost of surrogacy and its process is complex and deeply personal, involving emotional, physical, and legal challenges.

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