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Maintaining the Connection: Making Your Long-distance Friends Happy

It is too painful to remember. The day your best friends told you that they would be moving to another country was the day you felt that meeting them again would be impossible. However, you are determined to stay connected to them—you want to retain that friendship over the years. And that is not impossible. Sometimes, staying true to your commitment can help make this happen. You know well that there are a lot of ways to keep the connection active. A little gesture, sometimes, can make a difference.

There are ways to make your long-distance friends happy and make them feel that you are not far from each other. And that can only happen if you invest time and energy. If you are looking for some ways to do so, you are reading the right article. Here are some pointers to help you:

Send them gifts on special occasions.

Gifts might be social obligations, but you should disregard this idea. You are giving gifts because you love them, not because you are expecting anything in return. Your gift can be as simple as a balloon delivered to their doorsteps. But if you want to make it much more festive, you can give them food and drink hampers, especially during special occasions, like their birthday or when they reach a new milestone in their life. To keep track of your special celebrations, you ought to have a calendar.

Give them a surprise visit.

Cheap flights have made visiting other counties possible. And if you have stumbled upon sales and discounted flights, why not grab them? These tell you that you have an opportunity to visit them. But if you want to make them much happier, go for a surprise visit. But be sensitive; do not visit when you sense that something’s not right at the moment. Timing is everything here.

Throw an online party.

Because your friends are far away, the only means of speaking to them real time is an online chat. In this case, you can consider holding an online party on special occasions. You can send them a pizza (go to their local online delivery service) and have your other friends come to your home for an online party. If your friends are living abroad, make sure that you contact them beforehand since they live in a different time zone.

Go traditional.

Nothing beats the classics, so if you are thinking of being straightforward with your gift ideas, you can consider sending them postcards. If you want to give your communication a spin, write each other snail mails. Enclose in these letters some pictures and souvenirs.

In the end, remember that staying friends with the people you love is a choice. And because it is a choice, you ought to stay committed to it. Your friends might be on the other side of the globe, but that does not mean that your relationships will not remain healthy. Who knows, you will be able to meet again someday!

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