Who Is MrBeast’s Girlfriend? Meet Thea Booysen

  • MrBeast’s new girlfriend is Thea Booysen, a Twitch streamer and YouTuber that goes by the moniker TheaBeasty.
  • MrBeast and Beasty started dating in late 2022, a few months after he broke up with Maddy Spidell.
  • MrBeast put Thea to the test on their first date, asking her predetermined questions about herself.
  • MrBeast and Thea aren’t really in the public eye but have made a few appearances together.

Jimmy Donaldson, widely known as MrBeast, is a young businessman and philanthropist who routinely does lavish stunts in his videos (like that one time he played Squid Game in real life!). We’ve seen him clean a beach, plant over 20 million trees, cure people’s blindness, and help adopt all dogs in a shelter. 


Due to his crazy escapades, MrBeast has been a hot topic for a while now. However, even though his popularity has soared, personal details about MrBeast’s life aren’t enjoying much time in the spotlight. 


Today, we’d like to change that by exploring the talked-about MrBeast girlfriend, Thea Booysen, their relationship, and what it’s like to date a world-famous YouTuber.  


Who Is MrBeast?

Jimmy Donaldson, also known as MrBeast, is a 24-year-old internet personality and philanthropist. Born in Wichita, Kansas, MrBeast first appeared online back in 2012. In the past 11 years, he has acquired over 150 million subscribers on YouTube and become the fourth most-subscribed channel. 


Over the years, MrBeast has amassed a net worth of over $100 million. 


On his various channels, MrBeast posts philanthropic content, expensive stunts, unique survival videos, and more. He also has his own line of burgers and milky chocolate bars and Karl Gummies! At this point, you can count the things he hasn’t done on one hand.

MrBeast Girlfriend is Thea Booysen

Given his popularity, it’s natural for people to wonder, “Does MrBeast have a girlfriend” and “Who is Mr Beast dating?” Let’s talk about it!


MrBeast’s new girlfriend is Thea Booysen, also known as TheaBeasty. 


Unlike her significant other, Thea is most-known on the streaming platform Twitch. Thea streams playthroughs of trendy games, like The Witcher and Gwent, which has helped her gain over 27.000 followers. She also runs a YouTube channel where she shares the same kind of content.


Originally from South Africa, the 25-year-old has had a pretty prolific internet career for years. 


Thea and MrBeast met when he was visiting South Africa with a few other popular creators. She was interested in meeting him because she wanted to see who the person behind the viral stunts and philanthropy actually was. 


The group met for coffee and had a great time, during which she and Jimmy really hit it off. Their relationship has been ongoing since the second half of 2022. 


Thea Booysen: MrBeast Girlfriend Quick Facts

Aside from her online career and moniker Mr Beast GF, Thea actually has a very interesting life. 


She has degrees in Psychology and Law. Currently, she is enrolled at the University of Edinburgh, where she’s pursuing a Master’s degree in Neuropsychology. 


Thea is also a published author. Her YA (young adult) book titled “The Marked Children” was released in August 2022. The book has been described as an “exciting sci-fi novel” and currently has a 4.6-star rating on Amazon. 


In addition, the well-known MrBeast girlfriend is also the official ESports caster for Polish video game developer CDPR, thanks to her dedication to “The Witcher.” She has been seen casting a variety of events connected to the game and subsequent spin-off games. 


The Relationship Between MrBeast and Thea Booysen

Not much is truly known about the relationship between MrBeast and his girlfriend. Given that they’re in the public eye constantly, they try to keep their personal lives separated from their online presence.


However, from what we’ve seen on social media, the two enjoy each other’s company and have shared multiple photos together. The couple has been dating for almost a year now and seem to be happy and prosperous together.



Did MrBeast Really Put His Girlfriend to a Test?

On a podcast in October 2022, the popular Mr Beast girlfriend revealed she was unknowingly put to the test by the YouTuber when they first met. 


During their coffee date, Thea revealed that Jimmy was asking her a lot of questions, something that didn’t seem unusual to her. However, she later found out that the philanthropist was actually going through a specific list of premade questions to see if they were compatible with one another! 

MrBeast has also spoken out about this little test, saying that he had to do it, as being a famous online celebrity has sometimes left him wondering about people’s intentions. 


Luckily for him, Thea proved to be the real deal, and their chance meeting has resulted in a wonderful relationship!


The Impact of Mr Beast Girlfriend on His Career

MrBeast’s fans have been pretty accepting of his new girlfriend, especially after he appeared on a podcast a while back. 


When asked how Thea has affected his life, Jimmy had nothing but wonderful things to say! He stressed what an important part of his life she is and how she helps him set worries aside and relax.


He also mentioned how the Twitch streamer understands him on a deep level and is always there to offer her support, something that means a lot to him. 

MrBeast Dating History: Maddy Spidell

Who was MrBeast girlfriend 2022? Before he started dating Thea, MrBeast had a three-year-long relationship with lifestyle influencer Maddy Spidell, a 23-year-old internet personality.


Maddy is a well-known lifestyle influencer born in Milwaukee, WI. Currently, Maddy has almost 270.000 followers on Instagram and is also active on TikTok. She’s living in LA.


Maddy and Mr.Beast started dating toward the end of 2019 and broke up in early 2022. The couple was together for three years and hasn’t shared too much about either their relationship or their breakup publicly. 


Maddy didn’t appear in many of MrBeast’s videos during their relationship. Her biggest appearance was in a video where Mr.Beast surprised her with 100.000 roses on Valentine’s Day. 


The Challenges of Dating a Youtube Celebrity

Although we haven’t officially heard from MrBeast new girlfriend, it’s evident that her relationship with the viral sensation is working in her favor. For example, she has gained a lot of new followers on Twitch since the beginning of the relationship and has undoubtedly had more opportunities because of it.


On the other hand, MrBeast’s ex-girlfriend, Maddy, has complained online about receiving hate from Mr.Beast’s followers after their split. She’s stated that even though she never did anything wrong, backlash still came her way simply because she used to date Jimmy.



So, who is MrBeast’s new girlfriend? Thea Booysen, or TheaBeasty, is a social media personality most known for her gaming streams, where she plays popular titles while interacting with fans on Twitch. The 25-year-old is also a published author and a neuropsychology student at the University of Edinburgh. 


MrBeast has been dating Thea since late 2022, and the couple has made quite a few appearances together online and offline.


All in all, we’re happy to see Jimmy in love again and hope his fame doesn’t get in the way of his desire to have a joyful, normal life.

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